The future of the Temple of Theistic Satanism

There’s something I’ve been thinking about in the last few months and have talked about sometimes, but now I feel like writing about here in my Heretical Domain.

Back in April I became aware of a new social network site intended for Satanists and everyone else who was interested in Satanism, Left Hand Path occultism, or dark paganism. It was called the Temple of Theistic Satanism and was started up by James Nicholson II, the then-leader of a theistic Satanist organization called the Order of the Dragon. I joined shortly afterwards, and even though there were so few people in the Temple, it was a pretty nice forum of discussion and activity with quite a bit of potential. Though I was a non-theistic Satanist, I think I got along nicely. Then, on September, James posted an update on the site saying that he would have to take the site down for a while because he was in financial trouble that might affect him running the site, so I donated to the site to keep it afloat. But despite the donations the Temple received from myself and others, the site went down on September 29th and hasn’t come back since.

After some time, I had eventually heard that on that same month James was arrested on accusations of reckless endangerment and threatening someone with a shotgun. At the time I thought, “does this have something to do with the Temple being down?”. Naturally, I had been following the story and I saw that, in conjunction with these events, people like Tom Raspotnik and Robert Fraize were basically shit-talking each other and James while describing the incident. Raspotnik spoke mostly in support of James while accusing Fraize of generally being a fraud and a circus clown. Conversely, Robert had used the incident to discuss his “relationship” with James and accused him of being a pedophile, among numerous things. I can’t prove that either of the accusations from either side are true, but to me it seems like some of these theistic Satanist groups have a real problem with fighting and slandering each other for whatever reason.

Anyways, in November, I heard from James himself that he had been released from custody. But that experience changed him dramatically. I had heard that after his arrest he decided to become a Baptist Christian evangelist, which he stated to be his religious beliefs prior to becoming a Satanist, citing dissatisfaction with how he feels his life had taken a turn for the worse after leaving Christianity. It was quite a surprise, and I felt like he was doing it for the wrong reasons, but at the same time you’ve got to do what’s right for you in the end. And the fact is, I was more concerned with two things: one was “oh great, something for Robert Fraize to take the piss out of”, and the other was “what’s going to happen to the Temple now?”. With James’ conversion to Christianity, he resgined his leadership from the Order of the Dragon, and has since been replaced by one Ariel Wright. This means that for all intents and purposes, the Order of the Dragon, the Temple of Theistic Satanism, and all affiliated groups are run by Ariel Wright.

What bothers me about this is that, on the Order of the Dragon’s Facebook page, Wright states that she plans to continue serving the pagan and theistic Satanic community and plans to continue running the groups affiliated with the Order of the Dragon, but it’s been well over a month and I was expecting the Temple to be put back up a lot sooner, but the Temple has not become active again. To me, this means either they still don’t have a plan for the Temple, they’ve sort of forgotten about the Temple, or they don’t care a whole lot about the Temple.

I’m disappointed that the Temple of Theistic Satanism has had to deal with what I see as the sordid affair that it has been through, and that no action has been taken to restore it. It was a real nice place we had going once. Some would argue that it’s a bit too soon and they have issues to deal with first, and some would argue that forums are dead anyway and who really gives a shit. But it’s hard not to feel bad about the Temple still being down, especially despite having donated in order to keep it afloat. It makes me wonder still what’s going to happen to it, or for that matter what the Order of the Dragon is actually doing with it.


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