It’s now officially been three years since I’ve been writing the blog. Looking back on what I wrote before, it’s surprising how things have changed. I don’t like to think the spirit is gone, or that there’s any disconnect between then and now (the latter case being technically impossible because there is no now without the then), but it’s clear that there’s been signs of evolution, which I think is kind of inevitable when you go to university, or for that matter when you turn 21. I guess I was right when I said things would change, but not in the way I expect in that I still believe there are opportunities I’ve not found and exploited in my life in order to apply my ideals and way of thinking and fulfill my self. But all in all, the blog’s still got a good run on its hands.

Speaking of the blog’s run, I’ve been reflecting on the issue of anonymity and secrecy. There was a time when I would have ultimately wanted to make the blog ultimately public in terms of my local life, in that I would cast aside my pseudonym in favor of my birth name. But now, this time is over. This is partly because I have seen my brother write a blog that he connects to his public social media account and seen it blow up in college and at home, that he has become too much of a public figure, and has been too willing to embrace it, and I now realize the fault of this approach. But it’s also because I actually enjoy writing under the alias Aleph. Before I would have considered a necessity back when I was not ready to let people know my business, but now, and I guess even in the past, I like writing under a psuedonym. To me, Aleph is not a superhero identity disconnected from me. I am Aleph, my thoughts, feelings, my being is expressed here but under the name Aleph. I’m at peace with the idea of revealing myself only to a select few.

I can only expect more interesting things to write about for another year, and I’ve still got topics for blog posts for the rest of 2015.


3 responses to “Evolution

  1. You made the right decision by staying anonymous, as when you leave university and apply for work opportunities people they will be researching you on the internet. Unfortunately many have a deep fear and prejudice against we of the Left Hand Path.

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