An endurance round

I think that in university, things are beginning to take a turn for the worse as we are now having to manage in a group of only six people. In the middle of last week one of our classmates transferred to another course, apparently after much thought about it over the summer, and just this afternoon another person seems to be dropping out. The worst thing about it is that they were people I got along with and I viewed them as competent students. Having to deal with the second year without them will be harder than before.

At this point, the second year of my games design course at university is basically shaping up to be a test to see how many people stay and how many people go. As of now, I’m still one of the people who intends to stay, until my desire and morale for the course have been completely depleted. But at the same time I am left to wonder, how many more people live leave the course, and how much longer will it be before I change my mind on staying?


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