Opposing Man’s war against the flesh

I recently came across a study from the American Psychological Association that states that the fear of porn addiction causes more psychological distress or harm than actual porn consumption. I saw an article related to the study that seemed to imply that our attitudes towards sex in general are part of the problem, and I saw some of the comments for the article where students seemed to show images where they illustrate their habits regarding watching porn, and they seemed trepidatious, like they were nervous about what they were doing and acted accordingly. They would watch porn, but they would still treat it like it was something perverted, shameful, or embarrassing, and I suppose in fairness that’s probably because they think it clashes with the familiar values of other people (perhaps authority figures). I began to feel like something was wrong. I felt like I have had tendencies to worried too much about my own personal urges and get myself down because I live without a partner with whom to share pleasure with, and worry about the effect that would have on my future life, when in fact anxiety is the real problem. And when I saw the way students expressed their attitudes towards their own porn consumption, it felt like that same cautiousness could be all too familiar in my own life. As someone who believes in liberal attitudes towards sex, I feel like the nervous attitude towards sex held by the human species is something that has to be fought and opposed indefinitely, and any worries must be cast into fire.

I write this because I want to speak against mankind’s pitiful war against its own flesh, senses, and urges. We are living in an age where we still treat pornography as a bogeyman because of our own attitudes towards sex in general. I feel the modern world tends to view sex as normal but at the same time dirty. People still tend to think of sex as a tawdry and alien thing, something that corrupts and devalues individuals, and I think this is part of the basis for why we demonize pornography. We see sex as degrading, dehumanizing, and devaluing, so we view pornography as degrading thing accordingly. There are those who treat pornography and sexual desire as being the corruptor of youth and the human mind, but I think it is they who should look in the mirror. Sexual desire is healthy, it’s a part of human being! Denying this, fearing this, is unhealthy, and it is the fear of sexuality that makes people less healthy, less happy, and more poisoned, twisted, and warped. The people who want to clamp down on human desire should look at themselves in the mirror because if they do, they might find that THEY are the corruptors of the human mind and youth. The fear of sex leads to the unwillingness to explore sexual desire, the unwillingness to embrace it, and the unwillingness to embrace education, which is a big problem for every successive generation of the human species because then each generation will know nothing about sex at all and that will cause so much problems for our species.

Most people attribute this to the influence of monotheistic religion and conservative values in mass culture and the minds of human beings, and I suppose there’s little point in denying that because those beliefs are the ones that teach sex is bad and those beliefs are the ones that people have been indoctrinated into believing in for centuries. But I think even if monotheistic religion falls, the idea of the bogeyman of sexual desire will live on in the feminism that has refused to abandon the tropes borrowed from monotheistic religion. Or perhaps, it will be nurtured by liberal political correctness as it is now. Either way, I feel that by rebelling against the anxiety of the masses and by the fighting of the doubt and anxiety the individual may feel within, humans will be able save themselves and our species from its own hopeless and damaging war against the flesh. If the common attitude towards sexual desire does not change, then I am certain the individual will not be the only one at stake. Not just because of the principle of liberty being desecrated, but because our attitude towards our own desire can affect everyone, including the next generation.


6 responses to “Opposing Man’s war against the flesh

  1. very well expressed 🙂

    “But I think even if monotheistic religion falls, the idea of the bogeyman of sexual desire will live on in the feminism that has refused to abandon the tropes borrowed from monotheistic religion. Or perhaps, it will be nurtured by liberal political correctness as it is now” – quite so

    We should question these supposed taboos and moralisms. and the “moral panic” which seems to always be threatened around pornography and sexuality, push it back, explore our desires and imaginations with honesty and self-responsibility (as with all things), and celebrate desire, pleasure and fulfilment, and also the self-knowledge and understanding that comes from experiencing our natures more deeply and honestly.

  2. It is religion that has made the body evil. The individual who is separated from their own body becomes separated from their own being, thus they are more easily controlled and manipulated.

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