What’s the problem with immigration?

I’m only gonna talk about immigration on this site ONCE, because in my country it’s sometimes all people talk about, and people are often idiots about it. Sometimes it can feel like in the UK there are only two types of people about immigration: people who hate immigration and think everyone should go back to where they came from, and people who are definitely against the former group and what they say but I don’t think they say much about immigration itself. One thing a lot of people do say about immigration is that immigrants always take our jobs, and I can’t help but wonder why it’s always idiots who think that because it sounds like they don’t like the thought of being replaced by competent foreigners.

Sounds all too familiar.

People also somehow believe that immigrants always commit crimes and leech off the system, even when no tangible evidence is presented. There are more studies that the majority of immigrants don’t commit crime and indeed tend to do no harm whatsoever to the country they emigrate to. Yet it always persists among right-wingers that immigrants are a constant threat to their country. As sad as the attitude against immigrants is to hear in the UK, or indeed any other country, I feel it’s even more heinous and problematic in America. The United States of America as we know it was started by people who migrated from Britain to the land we now call America, and since then America has constantly been improved by immigrants. Hell, a lot of America’s famous exports and cultural icons that much of the world takes for granted wouldn’t be here without immigrants. Without the French, you’d have no Statue of Liberty to greet people immigrating to New York City while bearing the torch of liberty and the tablets of the law, and proclaiming “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”. Without the Germans, you’d have no hot dogs or hamburgers that are enjoyed in America and much of the Western world. Without the British to bring rugby to America, you wouldn’t have American football. Santa Claus was invented in America, but he was likely based on Germanic traditions and customs that were brought to America from Europe. And as a modern example, one of Google’s founders was originally born in Russia back when it was still known as the Soviet Union, so if you might not have Google as you know it without immigration. In fact, there are lists of people who were immigrants and went on contribute to America or become famous, such as this one. No matter how you look at it, immigration has constantly benefited America, the diversity constantly brought from other countries has led to the creation of what should be America’s unique essence, and it’s stupid that this has to be pointed out to people who should already know this because America should not be so hostile to immigration that it’s hard for people to get into America legally. Legal immigration should not be too complicated, and you shouldn’t be living in fear of being forced to leave a country you really want to live in because you don’t have a job or aren’t married.

Now I now I haven’t quite had the full immigrant experience, but I do plan on immigrating to America one day, so I dread the prospect of how hard immigration and life after immigration would be. And I don’t anticipate migrating to America to be all that easy for me in particular, because I couldn’t go to New York without being harassed by customs and treated like I could’ve been a spy just because they didn’t get that I was a British national who happened to speak in an American accent. And I sure as hell don’t hope to get this kind of treatment the next time I go to America, let alone when I decide to emigrate there.


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