To hell with the religious right

Are you about as sick of hearing about religious right-wing people saying stupid crap, and people talking about religious right-wing people saying stupid crap, as I am? Especially if you live in America? Are you sick of being forced to sit through a polarized and bastardized version of political discourse that centers around how ignorant they are? Do you pray for the day where they stop getting any attention from the media, the Internet, and the public? If you are, you’re probably dreading the Republican primaries. If you aren’t, you’re probably a writer for Raw Story.

Seriously, I feel the more times people talk about the religious right in America the more I feel like they don’t have more important things on their minds. For some people it’s all forget about the war against ISIL, forget about drugs, forget about national healthcare, forget about the political system, and forget about the problems of the individual human condition because for them the religious right is the all-important #1 problem. They’ve become an unpleasant bogeyman in our modern world to heap our attention on every time they say something objectively stupid with impunity, and for some reason we don’t give much thought to treat them as they really are: little more than a bunch of old-fashioned individuals who simply can’t accept that the world and other people around them do not necessarily revolve around them or their worldview. If we started treating them as they truly are, perhaps we can see political discourse move to a more productive state.

In the West, religious right-wingers are obviously trolls, but the problem is that we act like this isn’t the case, and play right into their hands by allowing them to profit from our concern over them. It’s obviously old news, but instead we trust it simply as news. All they’re going to do is say stupid crap and piss people off by doing so, and I swear it feels like America in particular has been dealing with them constantly through a fit about the modern world and saying stupid crap for about over 30 years (beginning with the rise of televangelists, most famously including Pat Robertson and Billy Graham, during the 1980’s). At some point can’t the people at large just decide “fuck this!”, and start ignoring them instead of always feeding them attention and give them credibility for just whining all the time that the world they grew up in is gone, or perhaps never was to begin with.

Just picture it: this is the state of news and political discourse right now and it’s going to stay this way unless we look the other way.

5 responses to “To hell with the religious right

  1. yes, to hell with the religious right, to hell with the puritan left, and to hell with the legions of people who have to fit reality into their pre-set moral narrative so they know which “side” is ok and who to blame 😉

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