Why are the wrong people getting so much limelight?

In my mind, the way the order of the human world should go like this: those who distinguish themselves positively through talent, strength, accumulation of merit, and doing something positive for their own lives and/or those of others should rise and earn the better lot in life and respect that they deserve by doing so; those who remain ultimately unremarkable shouldn’t experience much change in terms of their lot in life unless they really screw up, but ultimately would not be treated as anything special save for in the eyes of friends, family, and perhaps wellwishers; those who are either untalented, moronic, ignorant, and seek only status should not be rewarded in any way until they show signs of merit, and certainly should not be granted any sort of prestige or power; those who are malignant, greedy, thuggish, and ruin other people’s lives or cause panic, fear, and disorder without just cause (especially for their own enjoyment) should fall, be punished as they deserve, and be treated as outcasts like they deserve. In my mind, that’s how the order of things for humans is supposed to work. You could also say that in simple terms it would go like this: those who do good and are valuable would be rewarded, those who do nothing get nothing, those are aren’t valuable would be ignored, and those who are bad and do harm should be punished. When you put it that way, doesn’t it seem like anyone of sound mind would find this a reasonable arrangement?

Naturally, it means that meritorious individuals are the ones who deserve to be in the limelight the most, those who are unimportant would be ignored, those who are ignorant and immeritorious but try to put themselves in the center of attention would be ridiculed instead of idolized, and those who prove to be demonstrable individuals would be unrecognized as such instead of being admired. And yet, in our world, we seem to make a big deal out of those who do nothing other than spout a bunch of ignorant crap or offend tons of people in some way or another. You know what I mean, individuals who shouldn’t be given any more limelight than the brief infamy they generate for being stupid and causing controversy for no reason other than they say or do stupid things. Worst of all, in some cases, we treat them with political importance or give them their own TV shows. Case in point, Katie Hopkins.

Katie Hopkins is nothing more than an obnoxious television personality and columnist for such newspapers as The Sun. She is known principally for making statements that many people find offensive (and for good reasons) and create some kind of controversy, and with no shred of intelligence, virtue, or character, no form of merit whatsoever, just a loathsome personality. She’s probably proven more annoying during the general election over three months ago, having even gone so far as to claim she’ll leave the UK if Ed Miliband (to which the general election was probably a resounding “so long!”).

Say what you will about American politics, I say British politics can make you want to kill yourself.

Such individuals can easily ignored as they deserve, remembered only for their idiocy and hollow personality and perhaps not for very long anyway, but no. We decide to give her a TV show. When I first heard of a show called “If Katie Hopkins Ruled the World”, I wasn’t sure if this was going to be some liberal drama or not, but either way I thought it seemed like a waste of time. It turned out that it’s little more than a vanity-based chat show, just as pointless. The only good thing about it is that seems to be getting low ratings, which probably indicates that people in my country are finally tired of hearing about her.

What’s frustrating to me is that Hopkins isn’t even the only case of us giving imbeciles more limelight than they deserve. In my country, we also had Piers Morgan gawking about how America is a backwards notion because they don’t ban guns and allow people to speak with impunity compared to Britain and Europe, and he’s just a tabloid columnist, judge a for a talent show called Britain’s Got Talent, and general TV personality. Much like Hopkins, Piers’ opinion holds no real weight or value. Not to mention this is a man who, as a tabloid “journalist”, was aware of the fact that journalists in tabloid papers were hacking into people’s phones and laughed about it. Even outside that trend, we seem prone to idolizing people who are either shallow, lacking any sort of merit, or just have no value, and I’m fairly sure we do this in other parts of the world (in America, we do this to the televangelists and religious fundamentalists who for the most part do nothing except make stupid statements). When we give too much attention to stupid, meaningless people, it only proves how stupid we are and they profit from that.


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