Some guitar-related musings

Only yesterday I had my first real guitar lesson at last, and I think I might be learning a few things about the experience itself. When you get into learning the guitar, you may find yourself aching a lot. Your hands, wrists, and back may hurt, and your fingers well not feel comfortable initially. Only with constant practice may your body become used to it. I’m told that after a while, the pain in your hands, wrists, and back becomes less after you practice long enough, and your skin on your fingers may become thicker! Either way, if you keep at it, and get used to it, you’ll become used to it and perhaps you’ll no longer even feel uncomfortable any more. There’s certainly an element of personal growth involved, and it seems interesting how I’ve been told of how many youngsters try their hand at playing the guitar because they think it’s cool only to give up because they find out how much pain their hands, wrists, and backs endure while finding them. I felt like accepting the challenge of practicing, enduring pain and turning it into non-pain, which I always seem to liken to alchemy and Tantra.

I also have this feeling that if I continue to play and practice the guitar consistently, I’ll be a much stronger person inside than I am now. Maybe it’s because of the process of dealing with the initial physical discomfort, maybe think I might be feeling a tiny bit of strength from practicing at times, or maybe it’s that I sometimes think of the guitar as a source of strength in kind of the same way a weapon can be a source of strength. The last part kinda lent to me thinking I was going to somehow musically fight alongside that guitar, but I’m honestly sure what I would be fighting in that case. Maybe the stillness found in this world. My tutor seems to have done a great job of encouraging me, and I feel a strong desire to show some commitment partly because of it. He even thinks I’m one of the few people starting on the guitar he knows who admits feeling pain and discomfort while getting started on the guitar, and I don’t think that discomfort is getting me down too much. I can only imagine how far I’ll go.

Oh, and some advice for others starting on the guitar for whatever reason: embrace pain, and you may know success. Getting started on the guitar can be uncomfortable, but if you give up as soon as you started because of the initial pain, you’re wasting your potential, and that probably means you’ll become a real loser.


4 responses to “Some guitar-related musings

  1. Maybe it’s because when you hear a massive wall of distortion coming from the amp and you realize that you are the one who is making the tight ass rhythms coming from the speaker you realize it feels fucking awesome. Keep rocking.

    • I have only started very recently, and one of the strings has gone off the wagon so to speak which will delay my practice, but I feel validated by your thoughts on the subject and thank you for your advice.

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