To a place far away from closed-minded fools

I was at the book store just today, and I happened to come across a large section of Dennis Wheatley books. I was very interested in the prospect and couldn’t decide what to get (though they didn’t have The Devil Rides Out), but was a little disappointed by the author’s attitude to the so-called black arts that he writes about (he actually believed the stories he wrote were based on observations and actually based that black magic was to be avoided at all times). I couldn’t resist telling my brother about it, but he and my mother were looking for books on religion (she was eager to help him with his art project, which is themed around religion, even to the point of hijacking his project), and unfortunately she heard me talking Dennis Wheatley, black magick, and mainstream religion, and responded to me with base ignorance about black magick, telling me it’s “weird stuff” and that “you shouldn’t get into that stuff”. It’s a response typical of an ignorant Christian, the kind who refuse to accept that the age of Jesus Christ has already burned out and is fast coming to an end. I can only hope this kind of ignorance is rewarded with heartless betrayal. Then again, I guess that’ll teach me for trying to talk to family about subjects near and dear to me.

Such base ignorance, and the fact that I live with and near people who are conditioned with it, made me feel like I should be living in a more liberal and open-minded, perhaps more educated, community during the rest of my days. I’d prefer to find a liberal part of America where this is the case, though truth be told anywhere where people are more understanding than in some backwater part of Wales that I live in would be very nice. I guess I just assume liberals, though I’ll probably disagree with them, can be easier to live with than conservatives. To still live in a part of the world where people are infatuated with Christian-influenced ignorance can be kind of a source of disappointment for me, I feel like I’m not where I belong.


7 responses to “To a place far away from closed-minded fools

  1. if you just find a place with a big mix of people, it will automatically neutralize some of the ignorance, in that no one form can have dominance. That is the advantage of an even half way cosmopolitan city, there will be bits of it that form a kind of interzone that allow for a greater autonmomy of thought, because they are just too varied to control. That’s not to say there won’t be ignorant people, even lots of them in total, but they are all parts of their own minority

  2. I lived in the American Bible Belt for quite a while, so I know exactly how you feel. Bear in mind, however, that while you probably would be much happier in a more liberal area, ignorance is everywhere. I live in a northern U.S. university town that’s about as quirky and liberal as it gets, and I still get weird looks sometimes when my religious views come up. It’s not nearly so bad, mind you, but the ignorance is still there. So be prepared for that when the time arrives for you to leave home.

    As for Dennis Wheatley…man, that guy needed a powerful enema. What a shit show. 🙂

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