Some heads really need to be knocked together

I’ve been hearing about some commotion relating to a “satanic” ritual abuse scare involving the Hampstead area of London. Normally I consider these kinds of vulgar scares a waste of time, but I’ve seen discussion about it crop up a little more frequently so I decided to see what exactly is going here. Upon further reading, it’s clear to me that we’re dealing a disgusting scare campaign perpetrated by people whose minds are both dull and clearly unsound. As a matter of fact, this looks to be the very same scare I had been alerted to less then five months ago, only now I find it’s being perpetrated by people who harass others not only in the name of base ignorance, but also in the name of “love and light”, Biblical rhetoric, and even psychic communications from one Lord Ashtar. You know, that blond-haired deity who’s believed to be an extraterrestrial? I never liked that crap. That aside, we’re talking about what is already the worst and most vile ritual abuse scare I’ve ever heard of, and then we have this crap attached to it. Ladies and gentlemen, the witchfinder generals of the world are at a new low. Reading some of the stuff they’ve sent to each other, it feels like they know absolutely nothing and spend a lot of time fighting each other instead of the mythical “satanic” cult they’re up against.

I just know we’ve got a problem when we have people citing horrible excuses for Stargate characters as confirmation of ritual abuse.

There’s only thing I get out this whole thing: this is what happens when you let idiots, and psychopaths, run wild. Really I don’t think I need to say anything else about the matter. When you have imbeciles running around spreading hoaxes and misinformation while harassing people in the name of both base ignorance and white-light bullshit and fighting each other at the same time, and when you have psychopaths spreading malice and atrocity all the while, in my opinion this is all a sign that we need order to be restored before we see this hot mess get worse. The people behind the scam really have no idea what true evil is, or that they’re embodying it through their actions and unsound minds. Any punishment that isn’t harsh would be too good for them. If they aren’t getting beaten within an inch of their breath, then they should rot in prison without any hope of leaving.

15 thoughts on “Some heads really need to be knocked together

  1. the good thing with this is that the authorities have been *relatively* quick to see through it, and have not joined in the hysteria (as was the case in the 90s in the UK. But note, one of the most committed pushers of SRA in the 90s is now a prominent figure in the Green Party!). The hysteria and abuse has been taken up by a mob of imaginary-pedo-hunting vigilantes, and the above mentioned flakes and nut jobs. It really struck me how this looked like the “New Age” turning itself inside out as it merged with an old fashioned lynch mob

      1. Beatrix Campbell – she was a journalst and activist who did the “Dispatches” documentary on “SRA” in the 90s, and appeared on chat shows too, as a committed advocate of the theory of organized SRA. She stood as a candidate for the Green Party (in Hampstead and Kilburn, small world eh?) in 2010, and her website still has her down as associated with the Green Party, as well as a feminist, broadcaster etc. I understand she has played down the SRA association, but I have never heard any retractions.

      2. I have to admit, I find it difficult to respect a Party that shelters such a person. Are they just unaware? Does she just tick too many “right on” boxes to question? Does the Green Party have its own store of true believers? Are there more people like this in there? Are innocent parents and children just collateral damage for professional careers?

      3. The Green Party, rather like UKIP or the US Republican Party seems to attract a certain type of wacko type that uses the party as a cover or vehicle for their wacky agendas. Political parties such as the Republicans and UKIP have found how damaging it can be to give such personalities a platform to expound their crazy agendas, they need to all improve their quality control systems.

      4. they seem idealistic, indeed they are by their own lights, but then I wonder what happens when things like ideological feminisim get thrown in the mix, as they almost certainly would do. How much distortion gets slipped in then, in the name of an equality they don’t actually support? But without electoral reform, any small party like the Greens are largely muzzled. With people like Dispatches SRA journalist in there, I have to wonder what damage they would seek behind the scenes if they had the chance. You have to really, because I wouldn’t trust someone like that, and I wouldn’t expect her to be particularly self-doubting

      5. but you would have to replace them with something, as people need to vote for policies, and while individuals would have policies, people who shared the same policies would band together. But maybe it would be better as a kind of free association, and make people question their representatives more, as they wouldn’t just vote by name and colour of party banner. I really don’t know.

    1. there was (is?) something so distasteful and disturbing about this woman’s sense of mission. I could only really describe it as religious, but it is actually focussed through Marxism (so not so surprising really!)

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    Satanicviews shares the frustrations of other Satanists that the merchants of conspiracy theories that Satanists are all baby eating child rapists, such as is being constantly repeated in the Hampstead hoax in the UK, should be subject to some good old fashioned lex talionis.

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