A deity-related update

For the altar space I’ve decided to add two more deities. One is Varuna, the water deity who used to be the supreme deity of Vedic India. The other is Amun-Ra, the sun deity. Varuna’s return may seem odd due to him being the keeper of cosmic order, but the deity himself is interesting, and as a water deity would represent something that would otherwise be ignored and would be flimsy to associate with one of the four deities already in use. Besides, Varuna is actually an interesting deity with an interesting history, and I like it as a water deity with more aspects to it than that. It’s the same with the sun deity Amun-Ra. He’s a sun deity, and I like the sun a lot, and it feels weird that I kind have a sun deity here. I have heard a claim that Ashura was once a sun goddess, but I haven’t found anything corroborating it. Besides that, I like the idea of a solar ram deity nodding to Aries, despite my worries that it could lend astrological ideas too much credit. I also figured that, since all deities follow the new plan, there is no need for Varuna to symbolize my trait of disseminate order, while at the same time, Varuna’s presence need not necessarily derail that plan.

I am confident that Varuna and Amon-Ra’s presence won’t interfere with the theory I have applied to the altar. An even-number of deities, rather than an odd number, surrounding the central flame is still ultimately beneficial to the idea that the deities are symbols, answerable ultimately to the self, the central flame.

Naturally, you can expect new deity pages for Varuna and Amun-Ra.

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