Is ISIL still a threat?

Since last year, ISIL has been busy establishing itself as a clear and present danger to the Western world and beyond. I’m sure we have all become familiar with their beheading of non-believers and showing it on the Internet, their campaign of the destruction of the remnants of pre-Islamic civilization (along with actual Islamic mosques), their invasions of various settlements in Iraq, Syria, and Jordan, and the phenomenon of young Muslims migrating to the Middle East in order to join ISIL. Not to mention their militant form of Islamic teachings. It’s little wonder that they have been feared as a credible fighting force in the modern world, or how many people in the world may feel they could only watch and see if ISIL will advance far enough to be able to encroach on their lives.

On the other hand, I feel this is set to change. While I admit it may be too early to say for sure, I have a strange feeling that ISIL are proving themselves to not necessarily be the nigh-unstoppable force of destruction and terror that they may have come off as.

For starters, given the way they apparently abuse those who join their cause, and the rumors that even Jihadi John is fleeing ISIL for fears that they will kill him the moment they deem him useless to their cause, it seems to me that ISIL is incapable of inspiring any real loyalty from its recruits, and when that happens it’s only a matter of time before more and more people who once joined start fleeing the group. A fighting force that cannot inspire loyalty in its members, and serves only to inspire fear and loathing, is a fighting force that’s doomed to grow weaker as it sees less people willing to fight for it, until it consists of only the few who are fanatical or stupid enough to stay on and meet their demise.

I also think the forces fighting against ISIL have proven capable of doing major damage to the group. In fact, American forces managed to kill a senior member over two months ago, one Abu Sayyaf to be precise. And apparently, Sayyaf had been the one who oversaw ISIL’s financial operations and helped them direct their illicit oil and gas, which is seen as a key source of revenue for ISIL that would enable them to carry out their military operations.

And more recently, I think ISIL may well have proven themselves to be far stupider than we all thought, as two of ISIL’s chiefs manage to blow themselves up with their own explosives. Call me crazy, but if they’re dumb enough to get themselves blown up by one of their own explosives, then it’s going to be difficult to convince me of their intelligence as a fighting force. In fact, if I hear of a lot more of incidents like that, coupled with ISIL’s monstrous treatment of its own members, then I will seriously entertain the possibility that ISIL might end up destroying themselves before any army gets closer to destroying them.

As I said, it’s still far too early to say, and there’s plenty I probably don’t understand about what’s going on in the Middle East, but I have a feeling that it shouldn’t be too long before ISIL is no longer feared by the world. In any case, I think the army fighting against ISIL has a much better chance of defeating ISIL than ISIL has of defeating it. All the coalition may have to do about ISIL is press on and crush them. But I guess that much remains to be seen.


3 responses to “Is ISIL still a threat?

  1. I think the Islamic State has over-reached itself in its hubris, and I think you are right that the pendulum may now be about to swing against them. Their recent attacks in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt has increased the number of people now opposed to them, a factor that may now be their undoing.

    • You know what might be ironic? If after all ISIL’s uploading of their own beheadings, we got to see ISIL members getting executed in the same way? It’d teach people like them a lesson of what comes around goes around.

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