The university bubble

Have you been in university? If so, then what I’m about to write may sound familiar to you. When I started I saw this girl with big, long black hair, like she was from the 80’s or something. I liked it, she looked exactly like someone I’d want to talk to. But I missed my first chance to talk to her with any sort of confidence, and I was on my way to complete my enrollment and get my student card. In fact, I missed several chances. One week I finally summoned the courage to talk to her, and attempted to get to know her as a friend. But after that, all that ended up happening was we’d sometimes encounter each other but all we’d do is say “Hi” and just move on. After some months, it almost felt like she barely noticed my existence. In my time in university, it felt as though other people outside my class were just talking less to me and I was talking less to them.

I feel like at the start of university, students just find people to form social circles with, and if you’re not in those social circles after a few months, you’re noticed progressively less until people just talk to you a lot less if they notice you at all. I don’t live in the dorms (for mostly financial reasons) and I don’t go out at night to go drinking and dancing in clubs, but most students do. In fact, for a lot of students moving into the dorms and having nights out in clubs is the kind of the order of the day for the first week. I certainly feel like I have very little in common with many students at university, and so it’s only natural I get progressively left out of their social circles. But even if I have no interest in their social circles, I just think it’s stupid how people make social circles and then stick with them. Do they think they won’t ever get any better friends their whole lives? Do they think they’ll stay best friends forever? Is it just a game to them?


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