Those who have revealed themselves to be terrorists

Those wacky Christian fanatics. They just never give up do they? Even in the face of incontrovertible defeat at the hands of the judgement of secular law, with liberty on its side no less, they simply can’t allow themselves to quit no matter how weak they are at the end of it. You may remember that the Ten Commandments monument at Oklahoma State Capitol was ruled by the state’s supreme court as a violation of the separation of church and state and that it was decided the monument must be removed on those grounds. You may also remember that this meant the Satanic Temple’s statue of Satan (depicted as a Baphomet figure), which was meant to counter the presence of the Ten Commandments monument, had become unnecessary as a result, and was left pretty much without a home. Well since then, the Satanic Temple has planned to unveil the statue in Detroit, but there’s been a snag in their plans. The statue was originally planned to be displayed publicly at Bert’s Market Place in the Eastern Market District of Detroit, but the Satanic Temple has decided to instead unveil the statue privately at a secret ticketed event. The Satanic Temple made its decision because the usual Christian fanatics have threatened to destroy the statue.

The completed Satanic Temple statue, before bronzing.

There is only one word for the sort of behavior being directed at the Satanic Temple: terrorism. There’s simply no other way to describe it. When you make threats of violence or harassment towards an individual or organization and demand that they suppress their activities because they don’t conform to your religious or political views or express themselves as such, then you are a terrorist and there’s no ifs and buts about it. It’s as simple as that. The mentality of these Christian fanatics is no different at all to the way Islamic terrorists have threatened those who draw cartoons of their prophet Muhammad or satirically portray their religion. The whole idea is to suppress people, to silence, to forbid freedom of expression by using threats of violence. It matters not whether you act on those threats, if you make the threats at all then you clearly intend to violently suppress people for expressing themselves, or encourage doing that such suppression take place, and that makes you a terrorist. Some people might not see this, because they only see terrorism as something that can take place successfully (a la the attacks that have been carried out by Islamic terrorists over the past 14 years). But what needs to be understand is that terrorism means trying to suppress people with threats of violence, harassment, and persecution, and as long as this is true it doesn’t matter if any threats of violence are actually acted upon because you’re already engaging in coercive behavior with no justifiable motivation. Nothing, except pure hatred and the mistaken belief that everyone must conform to certain beliefs, let alone totally and by the letter.

The fact that such terrorism exists in America and is overlooked, I’m actually worried that America is in danger losing the moral ground to actually condemn terrorism, and who knows what disaster could ensue in the country what that’s the case. I feel these hooligans who threaten religious liberty should be made an example of, to prove that this sort of terrorism is not OK on American soil, or anywhere.


2 responses to “Those who have revealed themselves to be terrorists

  1. It is predictable that Christians would target a high profile object like the Satanic statue, which is why it is best situated on secure grounds where the general public have no access, or in a place with security guards.

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