Hyperactivity, depression, drugs, and isolation

One time I almost got dragged into an appointment with a doctor because my mother was worried about me being depressed and hyperactive. Apparently she thinks I’m constantly depressed, when in truth I have not been depressed for very long. In fact, I haven’t been seriously depressed and/or anxious in weeks or months, and even then I only feel occasionally depressed and with good reasons. She also seems to think I need medication for my hyperactive tendencies. The thought occurs: why is hyperactivity such a menacing thing that it has to be suppressed with drugs? Hyperactivity is natural to me, it’s a sign of having an energetic personality that needs nothing more than expression and exercise. You cannot and should not keep that energy bound up or sealed in a bottle, no matter how inconvenient it may be for others.

Regarding depression, there have been times during my first year of university when I have felt very depressed, but I have never taken any medication. All did was try to find people to talk to, or take some time to myself, and settle down until I become able to rise above it. And you know what, I got through it. I talked to friends, sometimes tutors, and a staff counselor to sometimes when I felt it necessary, and I eventually ended up feeling fine afterwards. I don’t think I’d like being on pills instead of that. For me, depression is something we all just go through in life, and isn’t something that should be repressed by drugs or peer pressure, but instead conquered by the will of the individual and interaction with people you trust. I feel like the idea that you can just repress your depression with drugs rather than talk to people about it is a sign of some kind of social isolationism. Because we choose to suppress our feelings with drugs instead of talking to people about them, we isolate ourselves from interacting with other people who might be able to help us out of the problems we may face, and build walls around ourselves instead which, I feel, can only lead to more problems in the long run.

Regarding drugs, I wonder, why the crap do we think it’s such a good idea to give people drugs because they’re different from the normal drone-like state of human being? Especially young people. Why not just let people be themselves without them like they’re crazy, particularly while the truly crazy can be treated like they need help after committing a crime instead of us concentrating on punishing them for their crimes?

There’s a song I think about when I think about this subject, which you can see below:


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