The old order is crumbling, and hope may yet be on the rise

Big news! As some of you may have heard, same-sex marriage has now been made a legal across all 50 states in America. Believe it or not, this subject proved impossible for me to ignore, and to tell you the truth I am actually a little intrigued as to where things go from here.

The way I see it, dealing with gay marriage has for a long time been a challenge for America’s government because there are a lot of people in America who not only find the idea of gay marriage objectionable, but wish to obstruct the rights of homosexuals to choose to get married. Since the objection to gay marriage seems to be commonly, if not always, based on a religiously-inspired prejudice (or perhaps more aptly, a prejudice that people may already have but simply use religious beliefs to justify having it) or on religious indoctrination, and the push against gay marriage has always been accompanied by religious rhetoric and right-wing politics, the battle for marriage equality has always been a battle of legal equality versus prejudice-based religious hegemony, or at least the path towards it. It feels like right wing Christians and politicians have constantly been trying to push for the preservation of an old order of things. An order that I doubt most people accept, especially once they learn more about this order and its founding values.

However, now that gay marriage has been ruled a protected right across America, I feel this is going to change. Since the Supreme Court has proclaimed that right of marriage equality is guaranteed by the US Constitution (specifically based on the 14th amendment), there could be no doubt that this will be the end of the age where politicians can obstruct marriage equality in order to appease the religious right. And I also feel that perhaps now more than ever, those who try to bar the right of marriage equality using religion will be treated with even less respect and credibility than they are now, and the religious right will lose its hold. We may even reach an age where the conservatives will actually have adapt and rethink what their ideology means as opposed to clinging on to the blind hatred of the past. Truly, I think this is the beginning of the end of the old order of things in America, and also the beginning of hope for the fulfillment of liberty to rise from its ashes. Without hesitating, I say the recent ruling is a moral victory, and the road to a better future for a America may have just begun. Let’s just hope the usual right-wing crazies don’t ruin it all.

6 responses to “The old order is crumbling, and hope may yet be on the rise

  1. it’s certainly cause for celebration, and with things like this happening, the facade of a right wing, fearful, Christian America is starting to look thread bare this morning 🙂

    • America never was Christian in terms of its foundation. It was founded by people who were secular or Deists, some of whom actually had contempt for Christianity (and with good cause).

    • The book Wisdom of Eosphorus suggested that a new era was coming and that those who oppose it would meet increased resistance. Depending on your slant on things, you can take it as a sign of the advancement of the New Luciferian Era. I however, might take that more with a grain of salt, like with all concepts of a great age.

      • I wrote about the concept of a Golden Age before, and the narrative that usually comes with it, sometime in May. Usually the concept of the Golden Age isn’t so golden.

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