Public schools, indoctrination, and beating them at their own game: all’s fair in love and war?

You know, there was a time when I was all for The Satanic Temple. The statue of Satan at Oklahoma was a wonderfully innovative piece of Satanic counter-Christian activism against the intercourse of religion and government, and the rewards they offered for those who donated. Even their general trolling of the system and exploiting the holes of laws done in the name of “religious freedom” had a lot of potential (fighting the delay between a woman and her right to an abortion for instance). But then they release this:

Oh boy.

Now to be fair, this is something that started late last year, but I feel my opinion on this should be stated: what are The Satanic Temple thinking? It’s a transparent attempt to beat the Christians at their own game. They know Christians have been spreading Bibles in schools, so they seek to spread Satanic coloring books to schools for children. Why is this a problem? Because that’s not how you fight the indoctrination of children. You can’t oppose one group of people pushing a religion or belief system on children by encouraging children to give a crap about another belief system.

Some might make the argument that public schools brainwash children no matter what, to which I say: shouldn’t the parents be teaching the children to think for themselves?


7 responses to “Public schools, indoctrination, and beating them at their own game: all’s fair in love and war?

  1. I just thought it was hilarious, and the book on itself doesn’t have any proselyte messages, but rather just presenting kids doing Satanic stuff without much moral implications other than preaching tolerance (and even so, it’s slight). I think it was just made for fun, without much other objective than to piss off christians.

    • That might be part of the problem. ToS have always been trolling lately. I think they really need to be a little more mature about how they go about their campaign to fight the intercourse of church and state.

  2. I’ve generally liked the combination of comedy with a serious underlying point. They are good are getting media attention, and they handle it pretty well I think, and they raise the profile of Satanism at the moment in a way which makes people think a little, and I think that’s cool. No one is going to do everything. I wish they had kept the original statue design though, where satan’s lap was actually a seat that children could sit on lol

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