The New Luciferian Era

The concept of a New Luciferian Era is a concept often associated with the Greater Church of Lucifer and its brand of Luciferianism. In December 21st 2012, it was believed that the world was supposed to end based on a misinterpretation of the Mayan calendar (in the Mayan calendar, our date of December 21st 2012 actually refers to the end of a cosmological cycle, which is basically a lot like the end of a year rather than the end of the world). According to the Greater Church of Lucifer, the world did end on that day in a figurative sense. The world that was built on the old order based on the religions and ideologies that demand conformity so to speak. The occultist Jeremy Crow certainly felt this way, and that the promise of a New Luciferian Era was at hand, which inspired him perform a working of creation magick on the exact date. He and his partner the declared the manifestation of Year Zero of the New Luciferian Era, much like Anton LaVey proclaiming 1966 as Year One of the Age of Satan on that fateful Walpurgis Night.

Funny thing about the Age of Satan, so far I feel we have yet to see it truly manifest in the way it was supposed to. The old order of Christianity still fought to keep its hold on the masses and managed to do so long after the founding of the Church of Satan and not long after LaVey’s death. If anything, Christianity’s hold on the minds of the masses of America in particular was only strengthened through their usual deceitful tactics including the whole “Satanic ritual abuse” scare, and their intercourse with politics in the years following 9/11. Satanism is still something that has been pushed into the dark and relegated to the realm of the underground. The only people taking Satanism out of seclusion who aren’t metal musician are The Satanic Temple, and it’s debatable whether they’re doing a good job or whether they doing nothing but presenting secular humanism with a Satanic package and billing. Ultimately, the age of Satan has not yet come to pass. With the New Luciferian Era, I’m honestly surprised that even got started. To the credit of the Greater Church of Lucifer, we are in a period in which organized religion is losing its influence over the people for the most part, but this should mean a lot more than the loss of the influence of monotheistic faiths. That’s the problem I have: it only seems interested in combating the monotheistic faiths that have influenced the West. To create an era for the world, you have to think about more than that. I don’t believe that we have already entered into a new era, only that we are beginning to set it into mention.

My other problem with the concept is that it seems to hinge on the ideas of the Mayan calendar, and the idea of aeonic energies, and the idea of astrological ages, all of which I have no interest in or affinity for. The problem is that all the ages that have ever pertained to belief and ideas were not determined by the movement of energies or time. It has always been determined by the movement of people, and expanding of the influence of ideas (which can only be achieved through people expressing and acting on thoughts). And it is ultimately only individual effort that makes this possible. Which leads to the other problem. I don’t fully trust that this New Luciferian Era isn’t an attempt to direct collective action and belief. I can only hope that all it means is an age of unbridled freedom of thought, expression, and desires, and the triumph of liberty over oppression. If that’s the intention, then I would be more than happy to help this age move forward.


2 responses to “The New Luciferian Era

  1. the whole subject of Ages and Aeons is a funny one, and I’m not sure what they generally mean, apart from the participants in the belief projecting a specific intention or hope with regard to the human collective (or sometimes the world). Millenial beliefs are nothing new, and in Christian form tend to focus on salvation and purgation. The Age of Aquarius has been threatening to happen for well over a century, with no one quite sure when it is supposed to start, and while you can see certain things which do appear more generally “aquarian” in astrological terms, you have to ask a lot of questions. The Aeon of Horus was meant to have commenced in 1904, and likewise, it’s a maybe, if you look for the right signs. The Age of Satan was 1966, the Aeon of Set 1975, and Thelemically a concurrent Aeon of Maat was meant to have been discovered in about 1974 (but being outside of time, that is totally down to individuals “tuning in”). If you are looking for truly individual awakening, with the exception of maybe the Aeon of Maat, the rest seem to indicate an outward, mass change, which is just the opposite if individual awakening. But hey, any help is welcome! I don’t really worry too much about 1966 being the literal beginning of a new age, it is more a cultural anniversary of something which has actually had quite far reaching effects, albeit within a specific area.

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