Mr. Robertson, what’s going on in your head?

It’s hard to think I’ve gone the entire lifespan of this blog so far and posting diatribes against Christianity and its conservative offshoots without even mentioning one of America’s favorite Christian bullshit artists: Pat Robertson. To be honest, I’m mildly amazed he’s even still alive, let alone still going on saying the damnedest things about liberals, gay people, non-Christians, non-white people, and likely everything else imaginable. He’s said so much shit over the years that I’m not even gonna bother writing it down on this blog and risk defiling this space with it. Just do a Google search of it, and I’m sure you’ll find it all. Trust me, he’s so looney that if you’re not too young to not take his statements seriously and convulse with horror, there’s a good chance you’ll laugh when you see it.

More recently (this week in fact), Pat told the friend of a mother grieving the death of her 3 year-old son that God allowed the child to die because he believed God could have stopped the next Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin. Aside from the general lunacy of that statement, it honestly raises a lot of theological questions that Pat Robertson has absolutely no interest in answering. For instance, if God killed this child or allowed him to die because he thought he would become the next Hitler, why didn’t he just kill the original Hitler when *he* was a child? Or, if God thought he was going to be the next Hitler, wouldn’t he stoop to killing the child before he was actually conceived, or preventing the pregnancy altogether? Not to mention, if God kills/allows one child to die because he thinks he’ll become the next Hitler, but doesn’t kill the original Hitler, then maybe you should consider that God didn’t account for the original Hitler, despite God’s supposed omniscience, and then you might wonder if God is really as all-knowing as his believers make him out to be.

To be honest, from this point onwards, Pat’s batshit lunacy is going to be less and less funny, even as we don’t take it seriously because we know he’s just a nut even in the eyes of many modern Christians (I mean, if you’re a Christian and you have a guy who claims most forms of Christianity, even Presbyterianism, as the spirit of the Antichrist while trumpeting the name of your faith, you just know to draw the line). I actually feel like all Christians (conservative or otherwise) would do well to stop and think about guys like Pat and think of how it’s guys like him and how prolific they that are a notable threat to their own faith by virtue of their batshit lunacy leading people to atheism. And I must wonder how many times people such as myself like Pat say crazy things and become news stories before you just start becoming disillusioned and think “this isn’t really news”, and that all these stories just distract from real issues affecting the world right now.

Pat Robertson, like many Christian evangelists, are among the last relics of the attitudes of the medieval European Christians and those of the American public during the 1950’s in the outset of the Cold War and the age of atomic power. They continue to dupe the gullible while stoking the flames of the sensitivities of everyone who hasn’t been stuck in the past. The more airtime we give them, the longer they will continue to influence the dumb and serve as a cruel joke for everyone else. And the dumb shit they say will continue to be used as talking points by straw liberals/progressives against the other side and contribute to the piss-poor state of rational and reasonable political discourse in the Western world.

4 responses to “Mr. Robertson, what’s going on in your head?

  1. Plus he has a face you would not tire of punching. Also to discribe him as a lunatic does a great diservice to those with mental health issues…..I think he is just plain evil.

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