What’s wrong with Satan being likeable?

Lately I’ve been hearing about an upcoming TV show called Lucifer. Yes, Lucifer. It’s based on Neil Gaiman’s comic book interpretation of Lucifer, who was the ruler of Hell until he became bored and unhappy with this station and decided to retire and live in Los Angeles. This would mean Lucifer being identified with Satan, as is commonly the case, based on both the Christian depiction of Satan and the Satan of John Milton’s Paradise Lost. Anyways, in this show, Lucifer Morningstar (as he is called) now apparently spends his days as a consultant for the Los Angeles Police Department, while simultaneously he runs a nightclub called Lux (which isn’t a very creative name). Ironically enough, the show is being aired by FOX of all channels.

Pictured: Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar

The thought of a TV show centering around Lucifer, Satan, or any similar entities, was bound to scare and/or outrage the ignorant, no matter how that being is interpreted, and in America (as usual) people are proving that they aren’t ready to live in a society where religious prejudice is being shunted to the side in creative media. A group called One Million Moms has been launching a petition against the show in recent days, feeling that the show disrespects Christianity and mocks the Bible by making Satan seem likeable. Here’s where we get to the crux of the matter: what’s wrong with Satan being likeable?

I must wonder how tired some people in the modern age are of explaining to Christians that the world does not revolve around them, or their Bible, or their church, but that’s exactly what’s going on here. Christian parents are complaining about a TV show and want it pulled because it mocks their religion, because they assume the world revolves around them, and it’s sad that this is still the case in America in particular. This is the same mentality that drives opposition to laws concerning freedom of expression and the right of the individual to freely pursue lifestyles other than the conventional Christian lifestyle. Outside the perceptions of Christianity and Islam, there’s nothing wrong with making Satan a likeable character, or seeing him as such. In fact, from objective viewpoint, he does less harm to human life than Jehovah does, if he causes any harm to humans at all. Even if you follow the belief that Satan tempts you to do evil things, that changes nothing, for in that instance it is you commits evil actions actions, not Satan. It is Jehovah who ultimately sends you to hell for going against his will, not Satan. And depending on your view point, Satan is the same serpent who gave mankind knowledge of good and evil and of their own desires, not Jehovah. If anything, people are likely to see Satan as more likeable than Jehovah as soon as they take a closer look at the same Biblical mythology that Christians clearly want to cram down our throats non-stop.


9 responses to “What’s wrong with Satan being likeable?

  1. I agree, as much most folks that practice “other” beliefs soon become much more tolerant then folks of the church that follow a weekly lecture on how to live. That may seem ignorant of me, but it is truth here at home. Religion is not spoken around the family due to the past where intolerant believers of the Church split our family in two more or less. Why the family did not live up to the bar of the church as it were. We are more liberal the sense. I see where you coming from, just remember as well the bible that is read has been republished and revised over the years. I cannot bring myself to read the modern day bible. I have to stick with King James version, simply because it makes me slow down and think. So to me these folks are only blinding themselves by not observing and looking at the big picture.

    • When you speak of the Bible being republished and revised over the years, I’m skeptical. In fact if this is the case I’d like to refer to the sin of Forgetfulness of Past Orthodoxies, one of the Nine Satanic Sins outlined in Anton LaVey’s Satanic Bible. It is, and I quote, “one of the keys to brainwashing people into accepting something new and different, when in reality it’s something that was once widely accepted but is now presented in a new package”.

      • I will agree as I cant trust writings of the christian church much anymore. What I do trust though is facts and common sense. I do know the reason why the King James version was revised was to keep up with modern English language which is fair, but still leaves it up to person revising it to change history or the story at will. I could dig for an older version of the bible sure, but who would accept that bible over the current one if I were to cite anything out of it. Either way I do want to say though that God is rather mean in his own text. Satan I cant for certain, because in Gods text he is placed in dim light.

  2. I can just see old man Pat Robertson and John Haggee’s big fat ugly face on TV right now bitching about this. It’s going to probably be the Goosebumps and Harry Potter thing all over again, to an extent at least. Which means I’ll be watching it.

    • I’m a little skeptical about the plot of the show, and principally because of all the things Lucifer could be doing on earth he decides to be a police consultant and nightclub owner. I see that and think “that’s all the imagination they have?”.

  3. It is good to see a positive narrative for Lucifer/Satan in the media. Stupid Christians should open their eyes to the harm done to people and society in the name of their own religion.

    • I wouldn’t be too optimistic. It’s being aired by FOX, one of the mainstream US TV channels. They’re probably going to try and include some Christian influence into the writing.

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