Fuck off Scientology!

I honestly thought it’d be forever since I even heard of the Church of Scientology, that there was basically nothing more to say about them since 2012. Yet in recent weeks I find what is tantamount to Church of Scientology propaganda taking up commercial airtime. They talk of a world filled with illicit drug usage, homicide, and human rights violations, and they somehow, somehow, feel they are the world’s only hope for redemption and cooperation. I can honesty opine, no, declare that these guys are not interested in humanity. They are only interested in their own greed.

Think about it, this is the religion that is constantly hungry for your money to the point they they SELL your salvation. They ask that the Church member pay sums of money for sessions to have “engrams” (supposedly nasty spirits) removed from them, and always find ways of extracting large fees from its member. This is a church so paranoid and demented that it feels the need to attack anything that criticizes it, either by whining and launches commercial attacks on their critics or through silencing critics through litigation. They’ve also sued the IRS once for refusing to grant tax-exempt status to the church. This is a religion that is just as homophobic as the Christian church, denouncing homosexuals as “sexual perverts” based on the writings of L. Ron Hubbard who himself advocated the institutionalization of people he described as such. This is a church that punishes all members who fall out of line with re-education camps and even violence and torture. Frankly, this is a church that does things the Christian Church can only dream of getting away with in the modern age! Or any mainstream religion for that matter. There was even a documentary film made about the Church of Scientology this year, titled ‘Going Clear’, that proved to be critical of the Church, and they went out of their way to demonize the makers of the film, referring to them as violent criminals or psychopaths for daring to speak against them.

With that in mind, why would anyone listen to the empty promises of just another cult? What do you possibly hope to gain by joining up with them?

The Church of Scientology appears to have not changed at all despite how they’ve been shown to be the villains that they are. They continue to seek only the sustenance of their putrid establishment, and they continue to demonize their critics and to pursue their silence. Can you imagine a religion like Scientology gaining the same establishment that the Christian faith once had? It would be a Dark Ages of modern times, with the same kind of cult enslaving the masses and Inquisitions happening all over again to silence all criticism. So to hell with Scientology! Mankind has no need for another empty filth-ridden cult like Scientology, any more than it needs Christianity or Islam, for its salvation, and that’s the truth.

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