Satanic extremism is inane

This is a subject I don’t feel I have written about a lot, but I feel it needs to be covered on my blog because, as someone who still basically considers himself a Satanist, this issue is important to my religious path in terms of how it is dealt with in the world around me or interpreted by others, and the effect that can have on the world on me.

I have a major problem with some Satanists or forms of Satanism who consciously extol the ideal of evil to the point that they want to be dangerous and evil people for the sake of being dangerous and evil because they feel it’s the best way to fulfill the role of the adversary in our society. You know, the people who call themselves Satanist and actually endorse killing or various kinds of criminal activity. They don’t represent Satanism. Satanists reject the notion of evil that society has placed on them, we reject the idea that we are evil simply because we affiliate with Satan, and we reject the idea that Satan is an evil being regardless of whether we believe he exists or not. A true Satanist would never do evil things solely because it goes against society. A true Satanist does what he/she feels is right purely because of his/her own feelings on the matter. Satanism at is heart is about responsible self-fulfillment, not causing trouble and havoc for other people or even killing them for what ultimately amounts to doing it for the lulz.

The biggest problem I have is that people like that who claim the Satanic mantle for the purpose of promoting evil as its own ideal, rather than simply rebellion against the Christian expectation of evil, is that the people who do this play right into the hands of propagandists and religious conservatives by promoting their sanctified evil. A lot of people still haven’t gotten over medieval attitudes regarding those that fall outside the zeitgeist of their society, and the propaganda machine that the people sustain by their ignorance seeks to distort everyone who falls outside the values of the masses. A legitimate Satanist is a threat to the cultural zeitgeist, because the values of the Satanist can, with due consideration, be seen as just as reasonable if not more so than many other life philosophies we encounter, so we look for people who worship Satan and promote or do evil things so that we can paint an entire legitimate spiritual path as evil by the same mark. When Satanic extremists endorse evil and claim true Satanism is all about evil for its own supposed merit, they threaten to drag the rest of us to the dark ages by generating further ignorance among the masses and falling right into the hands those who still spin lies and propaganda for the masses to swallow.


3 responses to “Satanic extremism is inane

  1. Those who murder and rape because they think that is Satanism are following the Christian definition of Satanism, such people are often called Reverse Christians.

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