The way of the hero

The runologist Stephen Flowers views the Left Hand Path as the way of the hero, the path of those who dare to breach the gates of heaven and eat of the tree of eternal life. Personally, I too have seen the Left Hand Path in most of its forms as a heroic path. That’s why I started on my path of Satanism, because in Satanism I saw an honorable path, certainly not an evil path nor a path that followed evil for its own sake. Why should the path of spiritual individualism be the evil one when the essence of such a path has nothing to do with evil? Whereas the right-hand path cannot have heroes because in the right hand path one gives oneself over to a power that defines virtue for them, the left hand path is heroic because the hero defines him/herself and his virtue on his own and is possessed of strength, conviction, and self-faith.

The Left Hand Path individual fights  oppression, fear, self-doubt, and hypocrisy and destroys them, and immortalizes him/herself as the only master that he/she has, and is a truly free human being. I see the Left Hand Path individual as striving to be a true hero, one who fights for his/her own virtues, values, and cause, against all who would stand in the way and enslave him/her. In Satanism I can picture a philosophy that glorifies life and the individual soul, like some of the old pagan religions of the world may have done, and in that I can picture a kind of virtue and honor not found in right hand path philosophy.

“Against the Gods” by Frank Frazetta

Part of me thinks of the warrior societies of pre-Christian Iran, whose culture was based on life, or the warriors of pre-Christian Scandinavia, who would go out and make their own glory for themselves.

I have also been thinking about the 1982 movie Conan the Barbarian, which is loosely based on the stories of Robert E. Howard. Conan is a true warrior: a warrior who relies only on his own strength and will to conquer obstacles, and nothing can make him bend in his quest. In the movie his main quest is to take revenge on the one who killed his family and some of his people and took him and the rest as slaves. The person in question is Thulsa Doom, who is in this movie the leader of a snake cult that has taken over most of Hyboria and has thousands of mesmerized servants following him, and in by the end of his quest Conan ends up destroying both Thulsa and organized religion. So to me, it feels like Conan stood to oppose an example of organized religion for its evils albeit as a part of just a quest for revenge.

Thinking about it reminded me of the many martial influences I had in my formative years. Schwarzenegger’s films and other action films constituted part of it, but Eastern culture and the video games I played (and still play) provided plenty of influence and had profound effect because of the way they all appealed to the martial aspect of my psyche and the drive to fight or stand for a worthy cause. Heavy metal would eventually come to add to that martial aspect. Regarding video games, they also provided the impetus for the creator as well as the warrior in that they appealed to both in me. They appealed to the desire to put myself in a world where I can interact with it, possibly influence those worlds in they that I would want to, and fight enemies within those worlds.

Why did I talk about all that? Because I felt it all had some connect with my admiration of the idea of the way of the hero, and why I affiliate with Satanism and the Left Hand Path because of it.

7 responses to “The way of the hero

  1. Talking about video games, in the Dark Souls games you progressively become stronger (and really overpowered at the end of the game) by strengthening your soul. The game is really hard and very punitive when it comes to dying. But as you progress, you augment your level and your understanding of tactics and mechanics. Your skill gets better to the point that eventually you realise that with a lot of skill and knowledge you can beat the game without leveling up once. And that’s the best thing about the game. It’s that it shows you that, from the beginning, you are able to destroy your enemies just through skill. Since the beginning you are able to kill the last boss of the game. You realise that you’ve been the most powerful creature in the whole realm.

  2. Love the narrative of the hero busting the gates of heaven to eat of the fruit of knowledge, which describes the essence of the LHPer. Conan the Barbarian starring Arnold S. was also a favorite film.

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