What I think America should do about the Republican Party

America’s democracy is a joke. Why? Not only because only two parties seem to have any advantage in this supposedly free and open democracy, but also because one of the two parties is a total parody of itself and what it stands for. Anyone who’s examined American politics closely knows that I am talking about the Republican Party. Especially after 9/11. Conservative lawmakers, senators, and politicians seem to be doing nothing but making a career of proposing outrageously unfair and oppressive laws, spinning increasingly more venomous and baffling lies to the American people, and generally devising increasingly more creative ways to divide the people. And their followers do naught but parrot their ideology or make it somehow more extreme. Not to mention the army of idiots that the Republicans have in Congress.

Don’t cry for this elephant. It’s already dead.

Little wonder then the the Republican party is seen as an utter joke by those with sense and taste, or that the prospect of Republicans taking control of the US government fills the thoughts of sane American people with a dread tantamount to the dread we in Britain are feeling now that our government is controlled by the Conservative Party, or that the rest of the world thinks so little of America or Americans. But what can the American people do about it?

Personally, I favor throwing the Republican Party out of government entirely and replacing them with a more moderate, vaguely libertarian conservative party, at least then the Democratic Party would have some real opposition instead of the jokes America has today. But alas, it is all too fantastical a solution. It would never work, because it’s too demanding and forceful to work in a government like that of the United States.

There is another way, however. With an election coming next year, there may be a chance for the American people to teach the GOP a lesson. I don’t endorse any of the political parties, but I have a feeling that the Republicans are going to lose out the more Americans are exposed to the atrocious way of doing things that the Republicans have in mind, and to how outdated they are being. If the Republicans lose control of the government enough times, or the American people really start to lose favor with the party, who knows? If they could realize that they are losing relevance to the minds of the people, seen only as a joke, they might undergo a transformation of their own. But that is being extremely optimistic, given America’s political climate and the general stubbornness of the Republican Party. However, all political parties care about one bottom line: sponsorship, and electoral support. If the day should come that the Republicans start losing ground, face, and support, then maybe, just maybe, we’ll see them re-evaluate themselves, and democracy over there won’t be a total one-sided farce.


3 responses to “What I think America should do about the Republican Party

  1. I am not sure if you have noticed – however both parties essentially do the same thing as each other just in different ways.. They push 2 sets of agendas with the same goals, which is a completely in control totalitarian federal monster.

    This is how they have played the fake democracy/republic we have here into the sham it has become.

    Example –

    Democrats Take power – enact multiple laws, plans etc – piss off different people everywhere due to the loss of rights, or imposition of unpopular items.. Republicans then use this to run for office as a promise to end the policies..

    Republicans Take Power – They enact their own set of laws, and policies yet do nothing to really do away with the ones they were elected to get rid of – These new policies piss everyone off AGAIN, and then the Democrats then use the NEW unpopular policies to get elected….

    The cycle never ends, and using a strategy like the Overton Window, they nudge everyone and everything in one direction – through different means..

    And the people are never smart enough to stop the insanity and elect the underfunded and ridiculed 3rd party people or independents.

  2. Money and habit results in the domination of two-party politics in the USA. I don’t see this changing without a major change in how political parties are funded and a change in attitudes in the voter to support alternatives to the Republican-Democrat dominance.

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