My own purposes

I have been encouraged by fellow Satanists to piece together beliefs, magical constructs, deities, ideas, and philosophies (or bits of them) together for my own purposes. In my life this has been difficult to grasp despite how simple it should be.

I have thought about it and felt like, in the past, I was probably a little less open. I kept trying to make sure everything was tightly consistent, so that all the ideas were only one set of ideas or two sets of ideas. Either Asian religions, Satanic ideas, or Western Paganism, all a part of my struggle to reconcile Satanic philosophy and Left Hand Path occultism and the ideas of Asian religions. But since then, new knowledge has changed some of my perceptions of some entities and philosophies, I have even gained insight into ideas and entities that fall outside. There are areas in which I consider myself to have gained a more refined understanding than the past. And if I can bring together various ideas and aesthetics into my practice, spirituality, and spiritual world and spiritual kingdom, as long as it all glues together it might be fine and need not endanger my philosophical paradigm.

If I think about it, this principle is what Shin Megami Tensei is all about. You summon gods and demons to fight alongside you from all manner of different cultures, and you end up interacting with their cultures and mythologies in someway depending on how you relate to the demon. You even deal with ideals and philosophies through the gods and demons. And it’s very open and multicultural about it.

What are my purposes exactly? I guess that would be spiritual experience itself. The experience of things beyond the mundane. The experience of power. To bring things into my own world or spiritual kingdom (like new spiritual experiences). Spiritual affirmation. That’s the most solid idea I have of my purposes. I guess that I can put everything I like to good use, and glue it together. But I’ll need to know more about ritual and altars, and the ways in which they can work.

2 responses to “My own purposes

  1. Sounds good Aleph. There are always questions, dilemmas, doubts, and I think so long as you are honest with yourself, and are willing to hold and allow the unresolved, it’s part of how the “alchemy” works. There’s only so much that the conscious mind can order and organize, and grasp, but it has a vital part in working with the subconscious. That way we get answers which actually surpass our original questions.

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