The Satanic path

Before my Walpurgis Night activities, I’ve been thinking about the path of Satanism which I walk. If you think about it, a lot of religions work as a path to reach a spiritual or even simply an emotional goal. I guess part of the reason that religions like Hinduism and Buddhism might be more well liked than mainstream Christianity and Islam is that those religions offer people a path to walk for a goal of becoming, rather than mere solace and false salvation brought simply by belief in some interpretation of human history. Satanism, to me, is also best as a path.

To me Satanism isn’t all about evil, nightmares, and horrors, which is the idea born out of the superstitious (not to mention superficial) viewpoints of mainstream religions. It’s the path of strength and freedom. It doesn’t even have to be exclusively dark. We simply embrace the primordial, and we embrace darkness of some kind, but Satanism is also the path of true light. My Satanism is about living your life for yourself and embracing all of yourself, which is the basic ideal of all Satanism and the Left Hand Path philosophies, but my Satanism is also the path of righteousness. Not the Christian idea of righteousness, but my righteousness, a real righteousness. My righteousness is about being true to yourself without compromises, and living a free and honorable life, standing up for what I believe in and all that is right. My Satanism is all that, with Satan as my co-pilot. That is why Satanism is the path for me. For me, it is about all the things I want to do with my life and my spirituality. It’s not just for purely material people.

I looked back and I thought, this is gonna be the realization of the chthonic path I talked about a few years back.

Satan’s Fire 69 by LadyDeath666 on Deviantart

And when I thought about that, something intense welled up inside me. It might have been excitement and passion, but who knows.

I thought about Satan as possibly related to the inner flame I mentioned, and it would be the flame of the spirit, the flame of heaven, and the fires of chaos all in one (or just the flames of spirit and chaos). Experiencing the force of Satan in some may be enough to confirm it, and from then on I may stick with it. And as long as I can have even a few deities from outside of that who mean anything to me, that’d be pretty sweet too. Just as long as I can access the forces that I wish to access. In fairness, there’s a good chance I might end up feeling something spontaneously anyway without me expecting anything.

For now, I recognize the path of Satanism as the path that most closely fits my personal framework, and I don’t think it consists solely of one essence (the purely dark essence). Mine is an ethical Satanism and positive Satanism from a philosophical and spiritual point of view, and my angle for it is that of my own alter ego. A warrior who aligns with darker or at least primal forces but carries a burning light and divine brightness at the same time. I want to feel a power that I have always wanted to feel, that have never felt before, and the Satanic philosophy fit me in my own way. That’s why I’m on my path.

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