Happy Walpurgis Night 2015

It’s that time of year again. The day where in times of old people dance around the fire for the spring season. The time where the veil between the world of man and the world of spirits is believed to be at its thinnest (except perhaps for Halloween). And in modern times, it is the day that Anton LaVey, in 1966, marked the birth of his Age of Satan, and laid the way for an entire new spiritual framework for people to discover in themselves which we now refer to as The Left Hand Path.

My plans for today are somewhat different than this year. I plan to try something out, and open my mind, so that I can come closer to feeling things I’ve never felt before. With the help of friends interested in the occult, like Sean, I hope to get closer to the mysterious, demonic forces, see what they do for me. And eventually, to have Satan as my co-pilot, and get up-close and personal with Satan either as a being or an energy or power source. This will be part of a full ritual celebration.

I wish for all other Satanists to have fun this Walpurgis Night as well.


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