A lesson from my friend

I’d like to share some advice from my friend Tadashi, who said something that seems to have clicked with me in some way: don’t trust anyone who reckons they have all the answers.

What do I mean exactly? Well I mean anyone who thinks they have all the answers regarding spiritual truths. The soul, the self, the afterlife, God, the Great Question and its answers, even spiritual truth in a way. It doesn’t matter if they’re from a religious or scientific, spiritualistic or materialistic, no matter how highly renowned they are or how great their authority. Another person’s answer regarding spiritual truth can only be that: his answer, her answer, their answer, but you can’t guarantee it is your answer unless it is the same answer you have in your heart and soul. You have to feel it yourself, or not at all.

Listen to what others have to say, beware the ones who think they they know everything. Especially if you think they want to convert you to their way of thinking. If something sounds too good to be true for you, it probably is until you become sure of otherwise. Nonetheless, keep looking for the answer to your feelings, your doubts, your intuition, until you can be sure. Without, or within, or both.

In the end, what should matter to you is your truth. Your answers. How you feel and how you respond. Find answers for yourself, and have truth that is yours. You can find it anywhere you wish, but you must feel it yourself, and it must speak to you and resonate with you. That is how it is your truth.

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