The illusion of society

Progressively I have been moving towards the idea that, in truth, there is no such thing as society or the collective. The collective is nothing without individuals, as is society. They both mere agglomerations of individuals. They cannot exist as their own individual entities, not least as entities that are positioned above the individual, and they do not have any intrinsic value on their own.

The idea that society exists as its own entities is at best deluded and at worst indulgent for all the wrong reasons. It allows the weak and the conservative something to cling to and worship, and it allows those who are those the progressive and who seek “social justice” to have something to scapegoat. In the modern world, many people either fall in line with society or demand society to fall in line with them, depending on their disposition, but neither cause is ultimately conducive to freedom for the individual. Worse, the concept is a continued source of thought slavery and delusion for it makes it harder to treat human beings as individuals, since you end up treating individuals as just part of society rather than as individuals.

To be honest, I feel that society is just another scapegoat, a means for humans to avoid blame for their own faults. In fact, I feel society is truly an egregious scapegoat of scapegoats, because by shifting our own faults and sins to a baseless entity like society, we halt our own personal liberation and depreciate our own selfhood. How? Because we still attach the basis of our moral being to society and its conditions, and by doing so we divert ourselves from individual moral being. How can we be our own moral beings individually if we attach ourselves to the concept of society, especially when that concept is illusory?

It should be noted that due to its obviously pervasive nature in the lives of almost all humans on earth (and probably every human you are most likely to encounter), the illusion of society is a difficult illusion to completely break from. And I don’t plan on suggesting we all live as hermits, isolated from civilization and its benefits. All I hope is that, in our civilization, more and more individuals can defeat one great illusion that depreciates our selfhood and thus move just a little closer to true freedom.

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