Freedom from worldly concerns?

For some reason I found myself thinking about the idea of “freedom from worldly concerns”, and for some reason I thought: what if that means freedom from being bound by the worries of mundane life and activity? What if that refers to a state where one has the amount of peace and freedom in oneself that can enable one to rise above work, chores, and commitments of the everyday, which can allow him/her to never be bogged down by the world of mundane work and commitments? That sounds fine to me. Being free, or feeling free, from the world of the everyday that we have created for ourselves sounds damn fine.

And as I’m thinking about that idea in relation to Hinduism and Buddhism. What if their idea of liberation really meant just being free from the worries brought on by mundane life, rather than that bullshit about surrounding your self, your personality, and desires to God or emptiness? If it was the case that that’s all they meant and there was no need to worry about no longer being yourself, then I really wish that could have just been said from the outset. That said, from the books I have read, this is probably not likely.

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