For God’s sake?

My brother and I were talking about overpopulation and the environment, and eventually I led on to the subject of religious belief, and then I thought of something regarding that and God. We discussed that the problem of overpopulation might be reduced if the religious teachings regarding contraception that lots of us were milked on had less influence on mankind. Even as they grow less influential in the Western world, I am certain there are many parts of the world were those teachings are still pretty much the norm. And as I continued discussing that, I thought of something regarding God.

Just run with me on this one: let’s assume you believe it is God’s word (or more or less the word of your god) that contraception (such as the use of condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancy) is forbidden, and you also believe that your God is a being that sees everything that happens and has happened and thus knows everything there is to know or soon to be known. On that basis, let’s say your God has been watching mankind, seeing them make too many babies because they can’t use contraception or abort, even in the case of rape, and drain the planet of its resources to feed the onslaught of the newly born, or worse yet just dump and neglect the newly born because they didn’t want them. Now in that case, let me get something straight.: you’re telling me your God has seen mankind fill the planet with orchards of its own offspring at wanton and at the expense of the planet’s resources and he still thinks it’s a good idea to tell mankind they can’t procreate?

Personally, I don’t think people who follow these stupid rules regarding contraception are doing it for God, because I believe that, if there is a God, then God certainly would not care whether or not men prevent their genitalia from fertilizing their partners. I think people only do it for the sake of the traditions they have been raised to believe but believe falsely, they do what they’re told but they don’t honestly believe. People are raised to believe what they believe by people who’ve had the wrong idea of what God is all along, and boy do we know the damage that causes.

7 responses to “For God’s sake?

  1. Maybe that God wants us to self-destroy us by overpopulation and so he won’t be bothered with all the prayers and all that crap. Imagine when people at mass pray all together at the same time! Has to be noisy as hell.

  2. The rules are invented by humans. If there is any “rules” worth taking notice of, it is the patterns that the rest of nature plays by. The individual Satanist is best making their own rules rather than following another person’s rules.

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