Nothing will change in Downing Street

As many readers may know, there is an election due to take place on May 7th for the UK to decide on the next prime minister. And already people are showing their support for Ed Miliband to be the next prime minister, but not for the right reasons.

Think about it: David Cameron and his coalition with Nick Clegg has received nothing but hatred from a lot of people as I recall it. And I guess they deserve it: since 2010, David Cameron has attempted to undermine civil liberties in the UK and usher in a nanny state, and his government has been leading our school system to the dark ages, trading weapons with foreign dictators, and apparently is OK with literal spike-traps for the homeless, not forgetting the whole Scotland debacle, and Nick Clegg has done little if anything to counter him. Hell, I’ve pretty much forgotten the Liberal Democrats even existed to begin with, since for five years they might have as well have just been an extension of the conservative party. The thing is though, that’s not why people should vote against them.

I remember five years ago when everybody wanted to get rid of our last prime minster, Gordon Brown. A lot of people started hating him, they seemed to see him as fumbler and an incompetent leader, so they wanted to vote against him. Cameron’s campaign was all based on getting the last guy out of power and leading the simple masses on with big ideas that never came to pass, while Brown’s campaign was just one big attempt to save face, and most of the red top media drooled over Cameron like dogs. I don’t think anyone voted for Cameron based on any sense of a common cause. They either voted because they wanted the other guy out of office or because they were swayed by his magic baloney. Either way, five years later, we’re back at the start of the circle so to speak, except now many people want to get not only Cameron and Clegg out of office, but they also want to keep UKIP away from office, so they will probably vote Labour. All the while I bet they share little if any common cause with Labour, and only want to get rid of the previous guy and keep UKIP away, and I bet most people in Parliament know that (honestly, I’d be surprised if they didn’t, but if they didn’t then it might explain a few things). Many people just want Miliband in office because they hate UKIP and are sick of Cameron’s government, and once Miliband is in office he’ll probably change very little, still suck up to Europe, the media, and the royal family, oh, and don’t forget foreign dictators. Because of all the promises they make, I bet they never promise to propping up dictatorships and trading arms with their leaders. And everyone can remain ignorant and self-sublimating in peace believing that the “right guy” is in office just because Cameron, Clegg, and UKIP aren’t in office.

In my opinion, if you truly feel you want to vote for anyone, then don’t vote based on how much you hate the other guy, especially if you never think about why. If you want to vote for anyone, vote for whomever you share values or find common cause with. Saying that, I don’t think that’s likely. Not that it matters since they all betray you and break their promises. And no matter who wins, they will suck up to the monarchy and will never free our country from the cult of the royal family.


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