Sexual hypocrisy

This is probably just me, but I swear modern people have some hypocrisy regarding their agenda or attitudes towards human sexuality. Whenever I hear someone complaining about sexual or sexy imagery in our culture and in advertising, it’s always directed at the female body, and images of the female body that are deemed unrealistic, but I have not heard anyone raise a voice of complaint against images of the male body that fall under the same category. I swear that in advertising the male body is more obviously flaunted than the female, and somehow it’s more acceptable for women to ogle men than man to ogle women, when both are natural and should be treated as such.

Also, I don’t mean to sound like I’m the wrong crowd, but I feel like we are defending everybody’s sexuality except that of men who like women. Men who like women are always made out to be pigs, and the idea of the attractive woman is treated as the representation of a victim because apparently all men are pigs and their sexual urges are evil. We think we’re protecting women by treating them as victims for being sexual beings and being seen through sexual eyes by other sexual beings, but all we’re doing is enforcing the idea that sex is ugly and exists only to be predatory.

All just another symptom of our detachment from our sexual nature, which is of course caused by the dominance of Christianity. But hey, that’s kind of another story.

5 responses to “Sexual hypocrisy

    • They never represent authenticity, but what I’m saying is that sexual advertising represents sexual hypocrisy. That said, you might be on to something. Advertisements do not represent authentic sexuality. They represent debased, ridiculed, and artificialized sexuality.

  1. “All just another symptom of our detachment from our sexual nature, which is of course caused by the dominance of Christianity.” Of course, many of us are indeed conflicted because of completely unrealistic moralizing teachings coming out of the mainstream Church. Hit our double-digit years and — let’s face it — we’re just going to respond sexually to people around us. It’s basic biology (is that why so many conservative Christians also dislike science almost as much as our sexualized culture?! “Can’t handle the truth”!).

    Yet in another way, Christianity also over-emphasizes the importance of sex and makes us obsessed with something that’s simply a part of being human. But it’s not the ONLY part or even the most important — though you’d never know that from listening to Christian teaching. So the Church manages to separate us from our own sexual biology through guilt and unrealistic moralizing, but simultaneously also rubs our noses in sex by sexual shaming and by overemphasizing its importance. Obviously the Church, and not average humans, has the real problem with sex! Schizophrenia on a grand scale!

    • You know that last paragraph of your comment is on to something interesting. Sex is still a pervasive part of the natural world, and sexuality is something that should not be denied or repressed, but I do feel you might be on to the idea that sex is not something to put above all else. And I’m not fully sure, but I think mainstream culture and attitude might offer a clue as to why.

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