No sympathy for the android

I read recently that one of the founders of Apple, Steve Wozniak, has expressed his concerns about the future of artificial intelligence, and he has no doubt in his mind that artificial intelligence is going to take over mankind and that robots would possibly have us as family pets. His concerns are also shared by the likes of Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, and a number of scientists and professors, who feel that artificial intelligence (if it can so be called intelligence) will soon become mankind’s biggest existential threat to the point that it would spell the end of man kind. Clearly, the possibility is no longer confined to science fiction stories, or the times that inspired them. The thing is though, I don’t see a lot of action involved.

Seriously, if they’re so concerned, why not do something about it? Man’s fate can be changed for as long we do not idle wistfully in the face of our technological threat to our existence, just accepting it as the next stage of history or part of the great march of progress. If I lived in a time where androids started living with us, I’d destroy every android or robot I find however I could, and I’d make it my mission to oppose expansion of artificial intelligence or root it out entirely. If I were in the position of the scientists creating the androids, I’d sabotage the creation of a being capable of artificial intelligence. Anything to prevent the possibility of the takeover of artificial intelligence.

I should also mention that, even if robots or androids don’t end up taking over mankind and making us their slaves or pets, if not wipe us out completely, they’ll still exist only as slaves subservient to mankind, and do most of the work that used to be done by mankind, so they may end up displacing most of mankind anyway all because those who exist only to have authority would welcome them. If robots exist to serve, then those with authority would view them as a cause for celebration because they are less likely to question their masters. Master and slave mentality would arise in humans, and it would undo all that we’ve worked for to exist as beings with essential freedom. In that event, I would still be the one to violently resist the presence of artificially intelligent beings because I would see it as the moral imperative to oppose a state where beings exist only in servitude, even at the expense of what might be considered technological advancement or progress. Even if robots aren’t servants, they might even be pets, and that’s the worst thing: creating life-like human beings for the sole purpose of being domestic creatures, no different to the dog, the cat, or what have you.

The thing is, it’s entirely possible that robots will become a thing in this world because of how cute or sympathetic we’re making robots seem, despite that they have no natural intelligence, no soul, no real will of their own, only electronic programming. We put a human face on them for god knows what reason, when they’re nowhere near human and never will be because they will exist for our convenience, not for themselves. That end people these days rely heavily on computers and electronics, so what’s stopping that from extending to robots. That’s why somebody’s gotta send humanity a message.

2 responses to “No sympathy for the android

  1. I think people are creating scare stories about AI. Humanity are already slaves to machines, and has more important issues to worry about such as public debt, population growth and water shortages than AI. The sort of AI Wozniak is worries about has made no progress in 60 years of work on it.

    • To be fair, you’ve got a point. Machines are already a major part of our lives. Really though I think slavery in this case is in the mind. It all depends on whether or not we think of them as tools to help us with our lives, rather than as the equivalent of food and water.

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