Easter or Spring?

Easter is basically a Christian holiday, meant to celebrate Jesus, but it’s not based on anything pagan, at least from what I’ve been reading. Easter has basically just taken over from the spring holidays as something to celebrate in spring instead of the pagan holidays. That being said, this actually creates a lot of confusion.

I recently re-examined information on Easter, and from what I’ve read, Easter by itself has nothing to do with paganism. Easter doesn’t even have anything to do with the spring or vernal equinox. I’ve been tempted in the past to use Easter to celebrate Ishtar or Astaroth, but Easter has no actual connection to them. Nor do Ishtar and Astaroth have even a remote connection with the Germanic goddess Eostre/Ostara, a goddess whose name is commonly held to be the source of the word Easter. But even then, Eostre probably has little connection to Easter, and what connection Everything else about Easter is probably more to do with secular commercial tradition and has nothing to do with the Christian Easter, and barely anything to do with paganism except perhaps for the goddess Eostre.

This re-examining has put my plans into shambles. I planned to celebrate Easter by venerating Astaroth or Ishtar, but what’s the point of doing that when it doesn’t mean anything? I’d just be celebrating Easter, when it doesn’t mean anything other than a commercial/secular/Christian holiday. At any rate, I doubt there can be a pagan Easter nowadays. The only thing I can say is that I will just celebrate spring, but I’m no longer sure how.

3 responses to “Easter or Spring?

  1. Celebrate the equinox, the moment of perfect balance between day and night, and prepare for the forthcoming take over of light over darkness. Spring, even when not connected in a pagan way, still remains a time for fertility, and fertility means making plans to give birth to future projects.

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