Wearing a snake on St. Patrick’s Day

I don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but I have contemplated wearing a snake on St. Patrick’s Day. I was inspired by how, apparently, some pagans wear snake brooches against St. Patrick’s Day, and how the snakes Patrick was said to have driven out were actually symbolic of paganism. Patrick did not literally drive the pagans or commit an anti-pagan genocide, as some popular myths have stated, but he was basically out to convert Ireland from paganism and Christianity.

St. Patrick driving out the snakes

St. Patrick’s Day is officially a Christian holiday intended to honor the apostle of Ireland and commemorate Patrick’s conversion of the Irish to Christianity, but people also take it as a day to celebrate Irish heritage. However, in modern culture, St. Patrick’s Day is basically a day for people to just act Irish, wear shamrocks, think about leprechauns, and drink till their fucked. I don’t claim any connection to or interest in Irish culture or heritage. I’m just a non-drinker who’s against beer culture, and a Satanist/pagan who’s against Christian culture, so to me St. Patrick’s Day is just a coming together of beer culture and cultural Christianity, both cultures that I particularly despise. So my plan for the day is to honor the serpent in both pagan and Satanic symbolism, maybe honor Satan too, instead of Christianity and beer. That’s why I plan to wear a snake on that day.

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