Identifying with elements

After writing that post about the attributes associated with fire, I wanted to research the others. I soon remembered I shared plenty of traits with air and water, but not a lot with earth. With water it’s emotion, which I value since I don’t like non-emotion, but it might also be imagination (though I think that’s also a fire trait). Water is also the most sensitive of the elements which lends to its nurturing quality but also lends to valuing security and protection. I think a water-associated flaw is being over-protected and isolated, which I see as undesirable and to be overcome. Other than that, I think water has an influence. With air I think it’s conceptual thinking and affinity to the idea realm, but I think air is too social or too logical at the same time, where I see logic as a tool for communicating ideas but not the source of my ideas and instincts. With earth it’s only the desire for the sensual, the earth element as a whole is usually focused on pragmatism and seems all too homely to me. As for aesthetic influence, water and earth are pretty influential in terms of visual sources, especially with the sun pouring over or illuminating both, but air is the least aesthetically influential.

To be honest though, I talk from the whole astrology thing, but I really don’t think astrology is something to take from as the basic thing with identifying with elements, because the point of astrology is trying to divine the future using the stars and signs. That’s why you have those horoscopes, which amount to little more than domestic curiosity for domestic people. If you truly feel you identify with an element most of all, then that element is probably the element that represents you the most, and your aspirations or tastes. That might be why fire is the most important element to me, rather than an astrological account of things.

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