On the alteration of the pantheon

With my recent personal introspection regarding stubbornness, and the prospect of Chi You being replaced by another deity, another dilemma regarding the pantheon has emerged during the thought process.

You see, I figured Chi You could be replaced with another war or warrior deity, a deity who would represent the warrior’s path and the warrior’s spirit, sticking to your guns, fighting for what you believe in, and commitment to one’s path cutting down the forces of confusion and indecisiveness, but all without representing the quality of self-stifling stubbornness. In a way, that deity would be a deity of righteousness, but the problem with that is that I worry that deity would subsume the role of the deity Ashura Matsuda (composite of Asura and Ahura Mazda). Currently Ashura Matsuda also represents righteousness, but he also represents fire and light, but also will, passion, and in a way the spirit of aggression. The problem is that there might be some conflict between Ashura Matsuda and the new warrior deity especially depending the chosen deity. Given the warrior deity’s association with righteousness, I estimate that Ashura Matsuda’s role would be compromised significantly as a deity of righteousness, and would change from that role to being the spirit of aggression. If the warrior deity was also associated with fire, then I estimate Ashura Matsuda would have exit the pantheon entirely, perhaps replaced by a sun god (possibly Amon/Amun-Ra), unless that warrior deity was not associated with light. If the warrior deity was associated with the sun (which might be likely due to the association of the sun with righteousness), Ashura Matsuda’s role would be compromised, as many of the qualities associated with Ashura Matsuda would be inadequate alone for him and the qualities associated with him would also be occupied by another fire deity. Then there’s the question of what if Ashura Matsuda took the role of the warrior deity? I don’t know what would happen afterwards. If Kartikeya took the role, that would be pretty awkward considering that his chief spot is the deity representing the spirit of youth (unless Agni appears in the pantheon, which is unlikely).

On the other side of this, however, not all changes involve removal or replacement. In fact, I feel that the role of at least two deities would expand. Shiva, for instance, would assume an additional role suited to his traditional capacity as the destroyer. He would represent the thrill of destruction, which would also include the thrill of destroying wasteful clutter in a shredder of a fire to create space. He would also represent the destruction of panic, stress, emotional clutter, fear, and similar things to create space for serenity, positivity, harmony, and peace of mind. I also speculate that Beelzebub might have a larger role in the pantheon in his capacity as Satan himself or devil par excellence, symbol of not merely the forces of the occult and darkness but the grand symbol of my affiliation with the Left Hand Path as a morally right path for me, and the associated spirituality of freedom and the philosophy of Chaos, a la the Shin Megami Tensei series of games.

In the end, I am not yet certain. However, once the decision is made, a new post will be published about it, a new prayer or prayers will be made, and the pages about the deities on this site will be updated accordingly.


2 responses to “On the alteration of the pantheon

  1. Mars is a Roman god who through war brings about stability and the makes the crops grow. Reading your post reminded me of Mars, as he is a war god as well as an agricultural god.

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