The simple life

A lot of times I wish I led a simpler life. To me a simple life means a life without unnecessary complications and less things to be driven insane over. A life where I can learn things entirely at my own pace, without having to work to towards project deadlines. A life where I can just write, draw, paint, play video games, maybe make some music, maybe go outdoors, live, and love, all without so many complications and all without any sort of grind that undermines it all. I don’t particularly care what job I’d have to do to pay for it as long as it has some dignity and is not necessarily an absolute bore.

I only say this because a lot of times the life I lead right now isn’t much fun or very simple.


4 responses to “The simple life

  1. I fully agree with you 🙂

    I was just thinking something related to this. About the people who get into enormous debts to get to college education. To me, those people are condemning their own lives lol.

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