Why freedom must have its downsides

With free will there’s always the downside. If you are free to do good, you must also be free to do bad, otherwise you are incapable making moral choices because the choice is no longer in your hands to be moral or sinful. If people are free to speak and express themselves however they want, that must mean they are capable of being rude, offensive, crass, even downright mean or cruel in spirit, even if we don’t like it, because if we take away people’s right to be jerks, we have degraded part of our free will.

Yes, evil actions must not be allowed to come to pass, nor must evil itself be allowed to proper, and there must be punishment for either of those things if there is to be any semblance of justice in this world, but if humans do not have ability to do bad things, free will does not exist, and neither does morality or justice because those concepts depend on people being able to make choices.


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