On Man’s desire for preservation and order

I’m not the hugest supporter of social order for its own sake, but at the same time it’s no longer possible for me to think of society or civilization as something that was created solely to control or oppress the people or even for the lulz, as I may have once thought. If I think about it, it’s a direct result of Man’s instinct to create social order, which itself stems from what I believes stems from a desire for preservation.

Think about it: early Man had to live in a state of wilderness, no preservation, no guarantee of survival. In ancient times the infant mortality rate was high, even after that few people lived past their 40s, and before the advent of civilization there was no guarantee that mankind would survive the many diseases and predators that awaited the people. That’s why civilization exists, and why mankind seeks to establish its own order upon the world. Mankind wants to create something lasting and wants to stay alive for longer. Mankind also wants to bring some kind of calm or harmony to its life, after all there is little peace to be found when one must constantly worry about the myriad threats to one’s physical existence. To be fair though, even today humans die easily and there exists a tapestry of dangerous forces, and even without them there are many negative emotional forces that disrupt what calm we have.


One response to “On Man’s desire for preservation and order

  1. The need for security is the basis for human civilization. Too much security causes laziness, stupidity and greed. An element of chaos is needed so that people are never too secure to stop living, growing and creating.

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