Elaborating on the principle of Chaos

I have been meaning to elaborate more on the principle of Chaos I mentioned earlier.

In past blog entries I have primarily described Chaos a primordial force in the universe, but now I feel ever closer like Chaos is an individual principle. It is inspired by the Shin Megami Tensei faction, as you would already expect, and as I imagine Chaos is the principle of freedom, individual, will, and primal nature. It is the principle in which individuality trumps collectivism and we make our own order for ourselves. It is the principle where freedom is more important than social order, and no rules, laws, and codes should harm freedom or stand in the way of the liberty of human beings. It is the principle where if doing the right thing must cause upheaval, than let it be done. It is the principle that espouses raw ethics, derived from the inner self, as espoused to externally espoused ethics, and where the only rule is to follow yourself and think for yourself rather than obey other people. It is the principle of being yourself, following your own desires, even if you are despised or unpopular for it, and expressing yourself freely even if others consider it indulgent and selfish. It is the principle where we create our paradise, rather than accept any false paradise laid before us. It is the principle where we embrace our primal nature, and work with it.

That is Chaos. That is what Chaos is to me. That is why it’s the philosophy for me.


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