A new prayer/personal mantra

I have revisited an old piece of writing I made for my old Foundation art project, and turned it into a new prayer evoking new and old deities and new ideas that have grown in me. Below is the prayer:

By the stubborn will of Chi You,

the dark desire of Dairokuten Maou,

the burning light of Ashura,

the youth of Murugan,

the water of Varuna,

the horned force and dark draw of Beelzebub,

the primeval creativity of Shiva,

the radiant energy of Shakti,

and the guiding principle of Chaos and freedom,

with Liberty and Justice at my side,

I proclaim my individuality and invoke strength and fire within

So mote it be


It should be pretty clear what the deities refer to: Chi You is stubborn, Dairokuten Maou is lust, Ashura represents belief in righteousness, Murugan represents youth, Varuna is water and balance, Beelzebub is the dark draw towards the demonic, Shiva is spiritual focus, intensity, and purely raw creation. Shiva is also the primal nature of the universe, a wild deity but also a light-bringer, and Shakti is the prime energy that motivates the universe, love and war, and Mother Nature on a grand cosmic scale. Beelzebub is also a stand in of sorts for what would otherwise be called Satan, a representation of the horned force, a symbol of the ideals of Satanism and Chaos. Liberty and Justice are, obviously, freedom and justice, the two ideals I value the most and a link to America. And Chaos is the principle of freedom, individual will, and primal nature inspired by Shin Megami Tensei, and the chief springboard for me being on the Left Hand Path in the first place.

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