The fascists who dare to manipulate the emotions of the people

You know who’s been popping up on Facebook lately? Fucking these guys:

Yep, these assholes who vomit on and on about “preserving British and Christian morality”, neither of which they seem to know anything about. All they want to do is make Britain a fascist nation where British citizens Anglo-Saxon white people are put first above everyone else and no one else would be allowed to live there, especially not Muslims (seriously, it’s always Islam with these far-right types). And recently they have been trying manipulate the emotions of the people with their Facebook content. All they do is put up images of various atrocities committed on children, animals, old people and some such, and caption it with some story of the person who did it and the phrase “like/share if you think this person should swing/be destroyed”.

This is clear and obvious manipulation of people’s emotions. Obviously people would agree who who attack or abuse animals, children, and old people should be punished as possible, so obviously people who don’t know any better about Britain First would like or share the posts. People are being played like rubes and tricked into supporting the people who desire nothing more than a fascist country in modern days. They must not win over the minds of the people, or doom will be upon this country.

Think about it, these guys are far-right anti-immigration nutjobs and Christian fundamentalists to boot. If you let them run the show, you’d be lucky if they don’t turn it into the Norsefire regime. Think how many people wouldn’t be safe. Think of everyone who lives outside their idea of Christian values on a daily basis. How safe are they? Think of people who aren’t British by birth but choose to live here while committing no crimes. How safe are they? And what about people who want to some day leave Britain to live out the rest of their days in another country? Is there any guarantee they’ll be safe from whatever they have in store for us?

Don’t worry though, I’m sure they’ll never get elected into office, unless something stupid happens…

10 responses to “The fascists who dare to manipulate the emotions of the people

  1. The manipulation of emotions is a common strategy used by authority figures, it is thus a good ability to have for those of us in the Left Hand Path to question everything with a rational unemotional viewpoint.

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