Chaos giving birth to a star

I’m sure many people are familiar with Friedrich Nietzsche’s saying, “you must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star”. I think I have a perspective of what that might mean to me. Only out of Chaos can the light of being emerge, and it is we that create order. Only out of Chaos can the harmony that we find in the universe arise. Only out of Chaos and life be born. And only out of Chaos, can a creation burst out and/or a God arise. Without Chaos, where is your order?

Out of chaos, gods are born

Also, when one thinks of a star, one immediately thinks of light in the cosmos, as well as beauty. Without Chaos then, there is no light and beauty. Neither is there the Sun also, neither is there the star that alights life.

4 responses to “Chaos giving birth to a star

  1. You may like to read the philosophy of Heraclitus. One of the famous sayings of Heraclitus is “strife is justice”, which means out of the chaos of opposites all things are born.

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