A coming time…

I had often had thoughts of changing my real life name, forename and surname, in order to detach myself from association with family believing that I will be free to act myself out honestly only by separating myself from my family name. But I do not feel this way any more.

For starters, I feel I am starting to equate the idea with the act of abandoning one’s roots and beginnings, and derides from honest self-expression. I mean think about it, if you wanted to be honest about who you are, wouldn’t you not resort to changing your name in the first place? I know I use pseudonyms on the Internet, but that’s different. Secondly, I want to make a true mark on my immediate social environment, and I want people to take me as I am or not at all. Especially if I am to seek a partner.

I feel like I have been holding back in the real world, as if I’m still gun-shy or something with the social environment, but I need to be honest with people and express myself in the social environment. It’s probably the only way I’ll make a lot of progress, and see true personal freedom. After all, isn’t the basic nature of freedom the ability to express oneself and ones drives freely and confidently upon this world without fears? If I do not prove that, how can I prove my own freedom?

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