Freedom for the individual, liberty for everyone

For liberty as a whole to exist, everyone must have the same individual freedom and they must all have the same rights and be subject to the same laws that preserve liberty. If only person is free, then liberty isn’t liberty. It’s just special privileges one might attain.

If one person has rights inalienable, but no one else does, it’s just one man having special privileges, but there isn’t liberty in that situation. In dictatorships, it’s always a case of one man gets to do whatever he wants while everyone else has to worry about being arrested, persecuted, or killed for saying anything or expressing oneself in any way while committing no actual wrongdoing. For there to be liberty in any society, either everyone has to be free. Either everyone has freedom individually, or there is no liberty. What is the point in a “free” society that allows one party self-expression but not any other?

4 responses to “Freedom for the individual, liberty for everyone

  1. I think liberty is closely associated with justice, which is where everyone is treated equally according to law regardless of their background, with the same penalties and rewards. The problem is that justice system is often only open to people with money to afford the lawyer fees, which is where it is unjust since nobody is equal, which impacts liberty.

    • In my eyes justice isn’t just about equality. It’s also about wrongdoing being punished. If evil people were allowed to continue doing what they’re doing, then liberty would be degraded as whatever rights we have under the law are violated by said evil people and their actions. Not to mention, without strong law enforcement, the criminal and/or psychopathic element would take over as the most assertive element, and thus might makes right would apply in their favor.

      • Is there really such a thing as good and evil? or is this a subjective judgement of good and evil people make against a rule? Can rules and laws be unjust? For instance some nations it is illegal for victims of rape to have an abortion. If the individual breaks a law to have an abortion are they evil and must be punished?

      • If a law denies the person a choice of what to do with his/her own body, that is evil. If you take someone’s life by force who hasn’t committed any mortal crime, then that is evil. Really I don’t see how it’s that hard.

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