Reign of the machine

A modern computer server room

Forget any notion of the rise of the machines and their takeover of mankind happening at some point in the distant future. That’s pretty much already happened, for technology already does consume and pervade the modern world and modern Man, though there is still the human element of the companies who create the technology to begin with.

I kind of hate this new world of technological progress and new more complicated technology. Don’t get me wrong, there shouldn’t be anything inherently wrong with technological progress, but I feel like I’m the only one who thinks it’s all happening so fast. Newer technology is more sophisticate than most people still don’t understand. The makers of technology and software today assume that most people multiple technological appliances in their own home and the next shiny new phone or TV or PC, and that most people are tech-savvy, when the reality is that this is often not true.

The sense of human potential regarding technology is also a joke. From what I have heard we can use fibre optics to communicate with the space stations we send past the skies, but the fastest Internet we can get is in places like Japan and Korea. And most new technology is made too fast and made to make a profit but not to last a particularly long time, or at least not long enough for the average non-savvy joe. And we keep making technologies that are unnecessary, even ridiculous. I swear we’ve actually reaching the point where somebody invented a device that actually lets you have sex with an iPad! If that’s what we’re making now, I don’t wanna know what the future has in store for us.

And I almost forgot to mention the internet and social media. I’ll admit that social media has a certain power to bring people the world over together, and that this power has proved useful to the point that it’s been the starting point of a revolution (which led to the overthrow of one Hosni Mubarak, and other uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East). But is it me or is humanity getting too connected? As we get more and more connected, I think we may eventually lose all notion of privacy and separate lives because everybody’s lives are connected by media. And everyone, I do mean literally everyone, takes the Internet for granted far too much as the source of knowledge, but that is only because people put knowledge there. The internet, however, is just as saturated with the stupidity of the masses and their moronic and debased culture as the world outside of it, but at least you are able to look for other things elsewhere with ease.

I don’t think technology is a bad thing, but I don’t think there is much for me to look forward to in terms of technological progress.

3 responses to “Reign of the machine

  1. I will agree, even as IT Professional I do want to at least read up on the latest stuff out there. Although certain things I will stay away from. I look at people now all they seem to do is have there heads on there phones. Sure it maybe okay for a bit, but during a social event or time. Not so much.

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