If God is another name for the eternal…

An Hindu altar to Shiva, featuring the lingam, trishula, and candle flames. I’d certainly pick that as representative of a supreme force.

I saw a saying recently that “God is another name for the Eternal”, though I could not find anyone that saying is attributed to. Either way, if this saying applies, then there are many ways that can be taken in many ways. It could potentially mean that you don’t have to merge your self, individuality, or consciousness with some higher consciousness in order to do anything involving God. Naturally it also means that God isn’t a man in the sky or an outside consciousness, but a force or a presence dwelling within pretty much everything.

If God is just another name for the eternal, then that can be experienced in many ways that does not necessarily require the individual hand him/herself over to some father on high or some cosmic¬†consciousness. One can even find what can be called God in him/herself. Unfortunately I am not familiar with the ways this is explored save for extensive meditation. It is an interesting mystery to be sure…

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