Satanists and Christians get violent

Could it be?….Is war set to begin?


Much to the delight of the public and the news media the champions of Jesus and Satan have been getting physical with each other in recent months, though fortunately there is yet to be any blood spilt.

A couple of days before Halloween in 2014 a self proclaimed Satanist smashed his car into the controversial Ten Commandments monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol that the Christians had installed, destroying it.  The “Satanist” said Satan had instructed him to do it before being carted off to a mental institution.

During the Christmas period in 2014 a self proclaimed “Catholic Warrior” destroyed the Satanic Temple display at the Florida State Capitol, booking her place in the local jail.

With the heat rising in the Christian-Satanist fight for the religious soul of America it is good to see the domination of Christianity being challenged in the USA.

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